Monday, October 25, 2010

The North Wind Blows

Here's what could possibly be the last harvest of 2010.  There are several cherry tomatoes at the bottom of the sink.  I picked every tomato that had any blush on it.  What surprised me are the three cucumbers.  I also found a handful of pea pods, a few small green peppers, two tiny zucchini, a couple of jalapenos and some Roma tomatoes.  I picked some green Roma tomatoes on purpose to see if they'll ripen.  Now, I wait to see if the frost and freeze predicted this week happen.  I'm not going to try and cover the plants this late in October.


  1. We're supposed to see 32 degrees tomorrow night. I picked a few tomatos today. I also fried some green ones for my supper last night-and will probably try to get a few more tomorrow. Also still have some jalepenos and bells. I have spent the last couple weeks getting the greenhouse going, and plan on posting on it later this week! Is it spring yet :-)

  2. I loved hearing your wind chimes. That was some brisk wind! GA received much needed rain yesterday and we should have cooler temps by week's end. We used to ripen tomatoes in a paper bag loosely closed. Your peppers look especially delicious. Hope you enjoy your Tuesday.

  3. Love the harvest. We will be close to 90 degrees today, sigh.

  4. Dear Sherlock Street, Temperatures are dipping dramatically at night here now in the UK. Your final harvest is tinged with sadness but, there is always next year!!

  5. I am not sad at all about winter coming, just bummed about the lack of fresh stuff from the garden!
    I love the soup aspect of winter and the hunkering down with a good book.
    We are getting some white stuff today.

  6. Hi, Thanks for coming to my blog... Any friend of Mildred is a friend of mine.... Come back anytime.

    We are having horrible winds also here in TN this week... Our beautiful Fall leaves are all coming down... I need to rake and blow leaves --but it's too windy... SO--guess I'll try to catch up on my blogging (since I've been gone for a week)... ha

    Thanks again.

  7. Neat, looked like a typhoon was coming and your lovely voice narrating like a TV announcer. take care, Gina

  8. You have a very prolific garden for this late in the season. We've been enjoying the sounds of our wind chimes as well for the past few days. So far we haven't had a frost, but the weathermen keep threatening us.
    Thanks for visiting my site.

  9. ~Melanie
    Ooooooh. The greenhouse. I'm looking forward to seeing your greenhouse. We have a frost advisory for tonight. We'll see.

    It's not bad for October.

    I bought the wind chimes the first summer we had the house. I love them too. Glad you had rain.

    Wow. 90 degrees. We should have almost 70 again this weekend.

    ~Edith Hope
    Ever the optimistic gardener--next year indeed!

    I like the coziness of winter too. Every season has its place. Although I'm good to wait until after Thanksgiving for snow.

    Thanks for coming by. Wind really brings down the leaves. And, I'll bet you have a lot more of them than we do. Enjoy blogging!

    Thanks for watching the video. The wind did look impressive. It was what one would call blustery.

    Thanks for coming to the garden. I have had a prolific garden this year. Except for the beans and peas.


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