Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Not Yet

Frost advisory was issued for early this morning, but it is 40 degrees and all still looks good in the garden.


  1. It looks very pretty in the garden - glad it did not freeze! We are extremely warm for this time of year.

  2. Your large grouping looks very pretty! Also, I like the leaf scans. They are simple (i mean not cluttered) and very pretty! I will have to try that one day. It looks like it would be fun to do.

  3. My thermometer hit 33 this morning. We picked a ripe watermelon yesterday, about 12 tomatos and my boys picked a handful of red hot peppers. .which means all the good green ones are still out there. I hope to get the rest of it inside after work today--they forecast 29 for tonight! I will mourn the loss of the beautiful annuals blooming right now!

  4. ~Mildred
    We've been spoiled with the warm weather here. We'll see what tonight brings.

    Thank you. I put all the containers together in hopes they'll provide a little protection for each other on the patio.
    The scanning is so fun. Try it!

    You're still getting a nice harvest too. Tonight may be the night for a freeze here. We'll see.

  5. Our predicted low for tonight went from 28 to 33, now back to 28. I got most of my peppers across the street picked, along with some green tomatoes. I forgot to pick the ones in my home garden. Most of those are hot ones.

  6. Maybe it was for over here; we've got loads of frost!

  7. Your plants look so lovely for this time of year! We have a frost warning for tonight, too. I'm going to try to save a few special annuals, but everything else is going to have to fend for itself.


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