Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Now With Two Locations

Garden on Sherlock Street has expanded to better serve its feathered visitors.
A new diner has been completed.
Open 24/7.
Patio seating only.

A new bird feeder was been purchased for the feathered visitors at GonSS.
It is endorsed, promoted, supported (one of those) by Audubon.
The people at Audubon should know something about birds.

It is also MADE IN THE USA.

It is made from recycled plastic.
According to the label, 30 milk jugs will make one bird feeder.
The entire bottom of the bird feeder has small holes for drainage.

The top of the new bird feeder opens easily to fill.  Surprisingly, it holds twice as much seed as our old bird feeder.  It is a little taller and the greatest volume is at the top.   

The old bird feeder is still being used.  It has just been moved to another location.
We bought the old bird feeder years ago.  It is made of cedar. It has held up pretty well except the roof started to get bad a few years ago.  I covered the roof with some copper colored craft foil I had.  I held it in place with thumb tacks.  The copper color faded, but the "metal" roof has held up.  I think we can get a little more use out of the old bird feeder.  We just wanted to have two bird feeders.


  1. Nice! One can never have to many bird feeders if you ask me.

  2. That is a nice one and looks easy to fill...unlike mine. Have fun bird watching. :)

  3. That looks like a great birdfeeder!! Getting mine filled and ready for the season is still on my "to-do" list!! I usually don't feed the birds in the summer--I want them to eat the pesky insects that are harassing my produce! Enjoy it!

  4. ~Darla
    I think so too.

    Easy to fill was a requirement. When it's 5 degrees outside, I want to be able to fill the feeder quickly!

    I don't worry if the feeder gets empty in the summer. I usually fill it Friday evenings so we can enjoy the birds at breakfast Saturday and Sunday.

  5. It's amazing what they can do with old milk jugs! I cut mine in half, place them over seedlings, and hey presto: mini greenhouses. Then I walk around the garden picking them up, because the wind has blown them everywhere. Then I go back to the proverbial drawing board!

  6. ~IG
    Milk jugs are great little greenhouses. The wind is a big issue here. My mom likes to put a coffee can that has both the top and bottom cut off around her seedlings. She pushes them down in the soil a bit so they won't blow away. Then, she uses milk jugs with the bottoms cut off over the coffee cans. So, you need to figure out what size coffee can goes with milk jugs. I don't drink coffee but to me it's the "standard" size can they sell coffee in here. The coffee can holds onto the milk jug in all but the worst winds--like a tornado. I usually fill milk jugs with water and sit them around my seedlings as a little heat sink and wind break. They never blow away with water in them.


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