Saturday, October 9, 2010

Through The Window

The Autumn Joy Sedum is blooming beautifully.  It is lovely to enjoy in the garden.

It is also lovely to enjoy through one of the windows in the family room.


  1. I love my Autumn Joy sedum too, but it has grown so tall that it falls over. How do you keep your standing tall? I also have overgrown hosta... that stuff gets big fast. This year because we were having a wedding reception in the garden, I cut it back to the ground when it began to look back. Surprisingly, it grew back by fall and looks quite nice. I think I'll try that trick again next year.

  2. Sedum is one of my favorite plants to have in the garden!

  3. That AJ sedum looks beautiful from your window. Hope you are enjoying a nice Autumn afternoon.

  4. ~Peg
    Thanks for stopping by GonSS!
    My AJ sedum has never flopped but I don't give it much extra water. It truely has to be drought tolerant in my garden. I don't know if that is why or not. Also, it is in a spot that gets baked during summer afternoons.
    I like the found trick on the hostas. Mine always get rough looking when it gets really hot. I'd like it to come back nice for the fall. I think I'll try your trick next year. Thanks!

    Sometimes, you just have to go for the easy plant.

    It was a bit hot here for the afternoon, but in October, I don't complain about heat!


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