Monday, October 11, 2010


The four surviving fish of the six brought to Garden on Sherlock Street in May are "movin' on up."  With cold weather coming, they decided to go south and wanted a place with more room to wiggle their fins.

After a quick and painless capture Sunday morning, they were placed in an ice cream bucket (who doesn't love ice cream) for their trip.

My parents have a cement cattle tank that is large and dug into the ground so it won't freeze solid during the winter.  This past summer my wonderful husband and I cleaned the tank out for my parents which involved catching all the gold fish they keep in it and returning them to the tank after the cleaning.  We counted 187 gold fish as we returned them to the tank.  So, I knew the four fish from GonSS would not be lonely.

We're here.  Enjoy the space and make new friends!


  1. Dear Sherlock Street, It is, as you point out here, so important that fish are kept in large enough pols over winter to avoid the danger of frezing. I do so hope that the 'little tiddlers' will do well in their new home.

  2. Now that is a really good idea so that you don't have to heat your pond. I imagine that might be tougher in Kansas than in Tennessee. I have one lone goldfish in my bathtub pond and I heat the whole pond for it but it is pretty easy here. 187 goldfish must be most fun for your parents!

  3. I know goldfish are supposed to have bad memories, but I wonder what they'll thnk when 4 becomes 191!

  4. I know they will be very happy in their new home...lots of fish friends!

  5. I remember my Dads "shower stall pond." He dug it into the ground and it was pretty deep so not need to heat. He feeds his fish cat food, which makes me chuckle.

    I hope your new fish love their home! Good luck!

  6. I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but the big goldfish in the tank might have your little goldfish for dinner. If they get too hungry, goldfish can be pretty mean to each other.

  7. All of your hard work, cleaning, has benefitted your fish, your parents' fish, and of course, your parents themselves. I hope they enjoy their new home for the winter and thrive in their new environment;-)

  8. Love the goldfish! When my kids were younger we tried an outdoor goldfish "pond", tried is the key word.

  9. Love the goldfish, they are so pretty.
    When the kids were younger we tried keeping goldfish in a "pond". Tried is the key word.

  10. Love the goldfish, they are so pretty.
    When the kids were younger we tried keeping goldfish in a "pond". Tried is the key word.

  11. Love the goldfish, they are so pretty.
    When the kids were younger we tried keeping goldfish in a "pond". Tried is the key word.

  12. I'm trying to get everything moved around and taken care of here too-won't be long till some frosty nights will happen by!! Not forecasted for the next week anyway--but one never knows in Kansas!!

  13. Oh, MY! That's a lot of goldfish!

  14. That is a great thing you are doing. I never knew anyone did that. Your gold fish are too pretty to freeze.

  15. ~EH
    I think they are amazed at the spaciousness.

    Maybe you should get your goldfish a friend or two.
    My parents enjoy the gold fish. I remember when we had 12 as a child. They were all BIG. Then my nephew brought his goldfish out one summer and ever since, generations of gold fish. We add a few to the mix like we did on Sunday. And, my dad bought a few shubunkins too.

    I'm picturing one of them swimming that you Bob? Is that you Bob? Is that you Bob. Is that you Bob? Wait a minute...

    Looks like a party doesn't it?

    Cat food for the fish? That is funny.

    I know this can happen but there are many other small fish in there too. It's just easier to see the big ones in the photo. Plus, my dad enjoys feeding them too much for them to be very hungry. :-)

    Cleaning the tank was definetely on the "to do" list this year so my mom and dad can enjoy the fish more. I was glad to do it.

    Oh dear. Such is the fate of many goldfish. I've "tried" overwintering them in my house other years. They have a better chance in the tank.

    Now my fall to do list involves cleaning out the water container. I like to do it when it's not freezing out.

    The number was way more than we thought it would be when we cleaned the tank.

    My parents have always had some fish in the tank. They keep it from becoming a breeding place for mosquitos.
    Thanks for visiting.

  16. ~Sue
    It's kind of nice getting everything situated for a cozy hibernation.


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