Thursday, October 21, 2010

Wednesday Afternoon

When I got home from work Wednesday, it was just beautiful outside.  I grabbed the camera and took a photo of the very lush vincas growing in the trash containers on the patio.  There is a healthy sweet potato vine in there too.

I also looked up and took photos of the locust tree leaves that are turning gold.


  1. The leaves are so pretty against that brilliant sky. Love the sweet little Vinca too. Enjoy your day.

  2. What a pretty tree! Hope you get to save it.

  3. So beautiful! I love fall, don't you?

  4. The gold of the leaves are really pretty against that beautiful blue sky.

  5. The vivid yellow set against the blue sky is one of my favorites!
    I tried laying under a tree to take a picture and found myself in ant bed. I felt pretty dumb. But at least I got a good photo.

  6. This looks like OUR sky today (I was somewhat confined to indoor tasks yesterday so may have missed out.)

    How beautiful your scenes!

  7. Those make large containers that have filled in nicely. That would be a good idea to use for height in a garden bed, too. Good idea for a container!! Pretty fall photos, too.

  8. Hi Sherlock,
    Lovely photos of the Locust tree. Ours died a couple of years ago, and they are so colourful against a blue sky aren't they? Glad you got your camera out, thanks for sharing.

  9. The colors are so crisp now, aren't they!?

  10. Isn't it bittersweet how beautiful the potted plants are this time of year and soon it will all be over? I am going to take my geranium in though.

  11. ~Jeanne
    Yes! It is good.

    Thank you!

    I'll remember to check for ant beds in the future. Yikes.

    Your sky today did look nice.

    Thanks. They do help with the height need. And, they can stay out all year.

    Glad you enjoyed it. I'm hoping this locust will be around for a long time.

    Colors do seem to pop more in the fall. I think having the sun at an angle helps too. Plus, the plants feel refreshed from the summer heat. I know I do.

    It is hard to see them all look so good knowing one cold night and they'll be gone. I've moved a lot of things in already. Good luck with your geranium.


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