Sunday, October 3, 2010

Wishing It Was Done

The internet connection and the house phone at Garden on Sherlock Street are both possible because of a buried cable that comes into the back of the house.

Late this summer, we started having internet connectivitiy issues and people told us we sounded funny on the phone.  After calling our service provider and having them check everything, it was determined that the cable to our house was going bad.

One day (before Labor Day), we came home to find a new cable.

It runs from the box on the back of the house...

through the bouncing betties below the box (which the phone tech trampled!)...

onto the path...

down the path around the locust tree...

across the area where we are smothering the last bit of lawn in the back yard...

through the white yarrow...

and across the alley to the phone box.

We got the number of the contractor who was suppose to dig in the cable.  Since we were leaving on our vacation he said he would hold off digging until we returned and could discuss the process.  He also told us he would check into getting permission to do a "trenchless" dig where they bore down and across the yard under everything.

When we returned from our vacation, we called the contractor and he said he'd gotten a cancel order from the phone company (OK.  When we saw everything marked in our yard for digging, we called the phone company and said something like, "don't dig in our yard" because we were worried they would dig while we were gone and we wouldn't be able to take care of anything in the yard they messed up).

The phone company reinstated the work order, and my wonderful husband got a call from a different contractor this week who is going to look at our yard next week and also says trenchless is a possibility.

We are ready for this to be done.  I'm worried about our tree most of all if they trench in the cable, but we also have soaker hoses through the beds and other items that would need to be moved.  Plus, I'm not crazy about some piece of equipment driving across the yard.  How many plants would I lose?  If they do it trenchless, there will only be a hole in the alley and a hole right under the box on the back of the house.  Yes, I will lose some bouncing betties but they spread and will easily fill back in. 

I'm hoping it will be trenchless!

 This back and forth with the phone company and wondering what will happen is stressing out the gardener on Sherlock Street.


  1. I would never let a workman loose in my garden without being there to watch the proceedings. I really do hope the outcome is trenchless as it will mean so much less work for you in terms of garden recovery.

  2. Dear Sherlock Street, I do sympathise. In my experience, having workmen anywhere inside or outside the house is traumatic as only rarely do they take the necessary care to ensure that one's treasured possessions are looked after. I do hope that the final result will be painless for you and the garden.

  3. Since there is already a buried cable, why do they have to dig at all? Can't they attach the new cable to the old one at one end and just pull it through?

    I hope whatever they do they don't damage your yard too much.

  4. ~leavesnbloom
    My husband plans to be here when they do whatever they're going to do. I'm comfortable with him overseeing the process.

    Sadly, you are correct. That is why my husband and I often do things ourselves. This, however, is not something we can fix. My husband will be on had to watch over the property.

    ~Cherry Lane
    One would think that is possible but the current cable has been underground for so many years that it is likely "cemented" in there with a lot of roots and such wrapped around it in places. It probably wouldn't budge.

  5. Best of luck!! Hoping it goes smoothly!


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