Friday, November 5, 2010

24 Degrees

We got down to 24 degrees Fahrenheit at Garden on Sherlock Street.
I knew the sweet potato vine in the bed under the living room window was gone when I left for work.

The flower tower between the garage doors seems to be fine.

The tomato plants I took a photo of last night are done.  Why there is one sprig of green basil sticking out I don't understand.

The volunteer four o'clocks by the trash area are gone. 

The patio creates a micro climate and almost everything there looks good still.

Everything except the variegated sweet potato vine on the end.

This nasturtium bloom is new.  I didn't know it would do two tone blooms.


  1. Hi Sherlock,
    It's such a shame to see the cold ravaging things that we have nurtured through the summer. I love nasturtiums, so common and simple, but tough And beautiful...and you can eat every part of the plant.

  2. It's 38 degrees here this morning. Curious for daybreak to see how much damage was done in the gardens. Freeze warning tonight so it may all be mush in the morning. Do your ornamental potato vines come back? You can dig up the potato and store in a dark dry place, I'm sure you already knew that. I took some cuttings of mine in hopes of rooting/overwintering them...

  3. At least you have your garden on the patio. I love nasturtium and yours has a pretty bloom. I finally just planted some in a pot recently...hope it blooms soon.

  4. My wanderings in the garden yesterday showed about the same. No tomatos or peppers left. The swiss chard planted last spring and ignored through much of the summer is really looking good again (but it is a cool weather friend). Many flowers are still blooming their little heads off and don't look bad at all. Their time will come too!

  5. ~Gary
    It is hard to let them go. At least this year, it has been a gradual process. I've heard nasturtiums are edible but haven't tried eating one yet!

    Sounds like you're getting the cold front we had. The sweet potato vines won't survive our winters. I took some cuttings and try to save the potatoes but have had mixed results with them.

    The patio will help with the transition to winter. I gave all the containers a nice drink Friday night. Good luck with the nasturtiums.

    It's always interesting to see which plants are hardier as autumn settles in more and more.

  6. We've had a number of things die from the cold temps, but others are hanging on. A nasturtium I planted across the street had its first flower today. How odd!

    So, I take it you aren't going to eat your sweet potatoes? I don't know if I could keep the tubers all winter to plant again in the spring.

  7. No eating the ornamental sweet potatoes here. I have tried to keep them to replant in the spring but no luck. They go bad on me and get moldy.


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