Sunday, November 7, 2010

Birthday Mums

The first year we lived here, my mom gave me some hens and chicks from her garden.  She didn't realize that she also gave me some chrysanthemums.  One of her mum plants had started creeping into her hens and chicks.  As I separated the hens and chicks, I discovered the mums.  I planted them in the corner where our driveway meets the city sidewalk.  They've done well there.

The salvia along the driveway was planted later.  It is starting to crowd out the mums.  Earlier this year, I moved some of the mums to a place in the back yard because I many need to let the salvia have the corner where the mums started. 

I don't have any idea about the variety. I just know that they bloom last of all the mums I see each fall. They bloom without fail even if it gets cold. Only serious snow or ice stops them from blooming.

In addition to the lovely lavender color of the blooms...

I like the lavender color of some of the leaves.
This happens when our nights dip down to freezing.

What I love about these mums is that they bloom for my birthday.
Today is my birthday!
Today is also my mom's birthday.
Yes, I was born on my mom's birthday.
My mom says I'm the best birthday present she's ever received.

Happy Birthday Mom!!!


  1. Happy Birthday -- I hope your day will be filled with your wishes!

  2. Happy Birthday! It is nice you have blooms for your birthday and they were from your mom's garden. Hope you have a great day!

  3. Hope you have a super birthday!! Enjoy the blooming mums!!!

  4. Happy Birthday wishes to you and your Mom. Those mums and their foliage are beautiful!

  5. ~Martha
    Thank you. It was a great day.

    It's great that Mom and I share the day (and flowers).

    Thanks. They're going to put on more flowers this week!


  6. What a wonderful present from such a pretty flower and what a sweet connection with your Mom.
    Happy birthday!

  7. Your mom's mum is a beauty! How cool that you share the same birthday. I hope it was a great one!

  8. ~Sue
    Thanks. I had a great birthday. Spent some time with Mom and my husband totally spoiled me.


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