Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Looking Forward To The 2011 Growing Season

While activity in the garden has greatly decreased, dreaming of gardening has greatly increased.  I'm making a list for 2011.  I have put the list in the pages section on the right hand side of this blog.  It will be edited and added to until I can return to active gardening next spring.  Watch the list grow before the garden grows again.

I have sections in the garden.  Some are obvious.  For instance, the front lawn is one section (front #2).  Other sections include all the areas watered by a continuous soaker hose.  A section may wind along the fence to the back shrub border as an example (back #15.)  I tell you this to explain the list a bit.  I'm using my sections to note where I want to do something.

sec 1: add to soaker hose
sec 7: put birthday mum cuttings beside tulips
sec 8: add sand

sec 1: expand wildflower area
sec 1: create no mow "unloading zone"
sec 3: move out artemisia
sec 3: add decorative border pieces
sec 4: remove net
sec 4: build bed with concrete pieces and compost, need soaker hose for bed
sec 6: move out geranium (no plan yet on where it's going)
sec 6: move out mums
sec 7: move in creeping thyme
sec 10: divide creeping thyme
sec 10: divide soapwort and spread
sec 10: move out geranium (no plan yet on where it's going)
sec 15: move out geranium (no plan yet on where it's going)
sec 15: move in artemisia
sec 15: move in mums
sec 15: plant more snow-in-summer
sec 16: spread out "the pile" and level wild area
sec 16: build structure for gourds

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  1. The lists grow and grow! Does your garden have a name or have you named any sections? gail

  2. Our first gardening catalogs arrived last week. And the Stokes one a couple days ago. I have been holding off checking them out. .gotta get through the holidays first!!

  3. ~Gail
    Some sections have "labels" like back shrub border, stepping stone area but nothing has stuck. The sections can change a little too as I rework areas.

    I need to focus on the holidays right now too but I have browsed some of the catalogs for Christmas ideas for family (and for my wish list). :-)


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