Monday, November 8, 2010

Looking Good All Year

Beauty from one season to the next.

The red twig dogwood looked so pretty this spring with its new leaves against the red bark.
It still looks pretty with burgundy leaves against the red bark.

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  1. It would look striking against a blue sky - wouldn't it? Very pretty though!

  2. Hi There, Dogwoods are so pretty during the Fall... I love their red colors... I took several pictures of our pink dogwood... It's almost bare now...

    I saw where you had a frost which damaged your flowers/plants. We had temps in the 20's the past 3 nights --but NO frost... Our Roses and other plants still seem okay.....


  3. Dear Sherlock Street, I do so agree that the Cornus make such wonderful shrubs with such a long season of interest. I think that they are often overlooked but, as you say, they offer such tremendous garden value.

  4. I have 5 of those--with mixed results. Something ate the biggest one underneath ground level?? There were some termites in the mulch there, but not sure that they were the culprits. I think it is a goner for sure-- I have one left that looks really good, and I noticed his twigs this morning--they are gorgeous!!

  5. This is a beautiful shrub, and it's going to look just as striking, if not more so, this winter, especially with a cover of snow.

    Happy belated birthday! I'm sure your mother was thrilled with her "birthday present" when you were born.

  6. They are so pretty. I love how they look during winter when those bright red twigs stand out against snow.
    I wish I had one for at least one here.

  7. ~Heather
    That would be pretty but I would have to lay under it to make that happen. There are some other shrubs nearby.

    There is a yellow twig dogwood too but I haven't found it sold locally and haven't ordered one yet.

    ~Edith Hope
    Ours is planted straight out from the patio door so we can see it easily.

    I wouldn't think termites would eat live wood. That is an odd one. I hope you can hang onto the one.

    Thanks for visiting. I do like the twigs in the snow.

  8. ~Catherine
    I do like it with snow. I'm hoping it will grow large enough to also "harvest" some twigs to use in arrangements.

  9. Red twig dogwood is a an absolute favorite of mine, yours it just gorgeous. The ones in our area just started flowering, is this normal?

  10. We love the red twig in our garden and especially on the hillside coupled with the yellow twig. The winter makes these two beautiful companions.

  11. ~bakingbarb
    I don't know about the blooming this time of year. Mine blooms when it gets new leaves in the spring.

    I'm thinking the yellow twig one would be nice to add to the garden as well.


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