Saturday, November 13, 2010

More Than Two

Doves are often seen in our garden.  Obviously, they like to eat below the bird feeders.  Sometimes, I see them napping on the mulch.  I took this first photo from an upstairs bedroom window.

It took this photo through the patio door in the kitchen.  You can see we have a variety of doves.


  1. We love our doves -- and we have both morning and turtle. The bigger of the two will eat at the open feeder as well as the ground! We love the way they swoop down to feed! And they stay all winter!

  2. The lighter colored one on the left is an Eurasian Collared Dove...we love ours when they show up here.

  3. We have doves year round here too, but I have really never seen them at my feeders. They nest in the tree row 100 feet north of the house--I LOVE the cooing sound they make--it rates right up there with one of my favorite things of summer!

  4. I enjoy the cooing of the doves. My husband and I giggle at them when they "lift off." They almost seem too heavy to fly! Enjoy your weekend.

  5. Doves:) They are fun, and a lot of people that move to Tucson get irritated with them here as they are always eating people's bird food for the more colorful variety of birds. The naturally pollinate the saguaro cactus here and are beneficial guys to have around....I love their cooing and don't mind seeing them around:)

  6. Doves are always a treat to see. I love their cooing.

    Have a great weekend ~ FlowerLady

  7. ~Martha
    Doves sure are nice to have around. They seem to be telling their friends about our garden because we get more and more all the time.

    Thanks for the ID. I think they're pretty. We used to only see two but lately I've counted up to four at one time.

    I haven't seen any nests in our trees but I think they like a little more cover. They are pleasant to listen to. We have one that sounds a bit wheezy though.

    They do seem like they'd never get off the ground. Sometimes, I refer to them as my garden chickens when they're scratching around in the mulch.

    We like them, obviously. When it's dove hunting season here, we feel like our garden is a little sanctuary for them.

    Me too. Thanks for visiting.

  8. Are doves just pigeons with nicer feathers?

  9. ~IG
    No. They don't congregate on rooftops or in city parks scavaging like pigeons. They're more skitish and will fly away if you go near them. I never hear of anyone "feeding the doves." While I know a lot of men who hunt them (in the country not in town), I've never eaten one. I've never heard of anyone eating a pigeon.

  10. I see doves below our birdfeeder as well. But lately we haven't had any birds at all. I wonder why.

  11. ~Suzanne
    Odd. They can't all be coming to my garden. Hmmmm.


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