Sunday, November 14, 2010

Pretty Plumbago

Our amazing gardening neighbor gave me a small start of plumbago from her garden in 2009.  I like the lovely blue flowers it produces, but I love how the foliage turns burgundy and purple in the fall. 

I have twice as much plumbago now as I did in 2009.  I'm hoping it will fill in the space around our locust tree.


  1. That's very pretty. I have never had plumbago in my garden. How very special that your neighbor shared with you.

  2. My favorite plant in my garden, still has lots of blue flowers also.

  3. ~Mildred
    It is super easy. I've done nothing but water the area as normal.

    How late in the year does yours bloom?

  4. I've never heard of that. .is it a groundcover of sorts? It doesn't look very tall. Lovely foliage for sure! Isn't funny how you take special notice of foliage that many other people would probably never even notice? Love it!

  5. ~Melanie
    I hadn't heard of it before our neighbor offered me some either. It is a ground cover. I've read it does well in sun or shade but blooms most if it has sun. I don't think it got over 8" tall. Once I started searching for it, I disover HCG sells it:
    Mine bloomed earlier than the catalog says.

  6. I didn't even know it turned this pretty fall color! Don't know if it will this far south but I do love the blue flowers.

    Love your hat in your photo, too!

  7. ~Jeannie B.
    Thanks! I think cooler weather makes it change. It is so pretty. I really want a big swath of it.

  8. Such a pretty plant to have, can't wait to see more photos as it grows.

  9. ~bakingbarb
    I hope it spreads. It's soooo easy and pretty.


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