Monday, November 1, 2010

Saturday In The Garden

I can't believe we are heading into November with butterflies, flowers and vegetables still at Garden on Sherlock Street.  Many plants have gone to sleep or died with the cooler nights and flirtations with freezes.  The salvia along the driveway looks pretty rough but there are enough blooms to continue to feed the flying flowers.

The zinnias are done.

I cut them all down with a pair of shears and will let the plants compost themselves into the bed hopefully while holding moisture from some much needed rain.

The berm plants took a beating with the recent winds.

I pulled the zucchini and yellow squash plants. I also pulled the basil on the berm even though it was still doing fine. I have another planting of basil by the tomatoes.

I also removed the two bell pepper plants and the jalepeno pepper plant because there were no more flowers and the small peppers left on the plants looked limp.  That leaves four tomato plants, some basil and a few peas.  I also removed the cucumber plant after harvesting its last cucumber and a cantaloupe plant that has just been hanging on under the tomatoes.

I planted some lettuce and radishes again in a cold frame.  My last planting didn't sprout.  I think I let it get too dry in there when it was so windy.


  1. You make me hungry talking about fresh veggies. Hope you have good luck with the lettuce and radishes. A nice fresh salad with a bowl of soup sounds like a real treat! Happy Monday.

  2. It's great to see your Painted Lady in the garden! The butterflies all left our area some time ago, although I did see a lone Monarch last week. We had a hard enough freeze last week that most of the annuals are finished, and the remaining tomatoes turned to mush. I need to get busy and do some clean up, too!

  3. I am so amazed to still have some butterflies here too!! Still have plenty of flowers blooming (which I love). The basil leaves that I picked and put in a cup of water are starting to root--Maybe you have room for a small pot of it in your window for the winter!! Too soon old man winter will be upon us!! We are certainly enjoying the BEAUTIFUL fall weather we are getting! Makes it hard to think Christmas is right around the corner!

  4. Hi There, I don't know where you are--but our yard looks similar. We have not had a freeze here yet (2 have been close) --but there's a huge one coming this Thurs/Fri... Our Roses have been blooming like crazy this Fall--but this may be the last week for them...

    If we get that big freeze, George will cut them back, let them go dormant and cover them with compost and good dirt for the winter. (We have over 50 Rose bushes in our yard.)

    Have a good day.

  5. I always enjoyed working in our veggie garden. Guess that is why I love my yard now. When you are raised in the country, you always have a part of it with you.

  6. We haven't experienced much cold as of yet so most plants are still looking pretty good. Good luck with your newly planted veggies.

  7. We were talking about being fortunate to still have roses blooming in November, but I'm envious that you still have tomato plants. But I'm afraid it won't be much longer for either of us.

  8. We also have many butterflies still, mostly on the lantana . take care, Gina

  9. Wishing you have a wonderful November in every way


    (like the idea of letting the plants compost themselves)

  10. ~Mildred
    Well, at least I make you hungry for healthy food I guess.

    We keep missing the hard freezes. Knock on wood!

    I'm trying to root some basil! The plants by my tomatoes just look so good still. It's hard win frost takes flowers that still look good. I'm hoping the patio will protect some for a little while.

    Oh, so many roses! It's nice to have the flowers mix with the fall leaves but I fear a frost is headed our way too.

    My husband calls me a frustrated farmer when I start saying I need more room to garden. Maybe I should have tried to take on the family farm. Seeing things grow and seasons change gets in one's bones I think.

    Enjoy your milder days.

    I'm really stretching the tomatoes this year. I'd share if you were closer. I'm still sharing them with amazed friends here as it is.

    Enjoy the flying flowers!

    ~Alice Joyce
    I'm all for returning plants to the soil they came from when I can. And, it easier!

  11. Thank You for stopping by today. And that was a nice tour of the garden I always like to watch the butterflies in the garden also while they are working. Have a great week....Julian

  12. Your zinnias will most likely self seed and provide you with a nice crop next summer too.

  13. ~Tallulah's...
    Thanks for visiting!!!

    I saved a lot of zinnia seed too. I don't think the seeds like our winters outside.


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