Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Tour November 2010

Front Garden


Back Garden

Side Garden




  1. Looking very chilly and fallish!

  2. What a difference a drop in temperature can make. It looks like a blank canvas, awaiting the painters touch. Enjoy your break from gardening, and enjoy planning and thinking about your gardens for next spring.


  3. Your sideyard is really nice. The grass makes a nice focal point and screen and the whole thing feels cozy-perfect!

  4. Hi There, Where are you located???? Looks like winter at your place now... We are still having FALL --with still lots of green grass and lots of Fall leaves....

    Beautiful yard.... You all have it manicured so well... LOVE it.


  5. I just love the FOREST! Have you ever thought about changing it?

  6. ~Melanie
    I now need a jacket each morning. I get cold easy.

    Already thinking about things to add next year!

    Thanks for noticing the side yard. At times it is just perfect and doesn't get the attention it deserves.

    This is still fall. Winter will look different I promise. Come back for each month's tour and you'll see. I'm in the Sunflower State. :-)

    The forest is going to get a nice long post some day--probably this winter. It has an interesting story and is exactly what we wanted so no changes planned. It is a wind break and an awesome green screen or we'd see our neighbor's plain yard and a lumber yard/storage facility in the distance.

  7. I like that ornamental grass. It looks good against that fence.
    Nice tour, thanks!

  8. I'm so've got a clothes line, and a rain barrell farm! My dreams...

  9. ~Rosey
    The grass has done nicely there. I like watching the birds bob around on it when they eat the seeds.

    Love Local Food
    A rain barrel farm. That's a great name for that. Yes, I have 3 rain barrels. They're "off season" now so they don't freeze and break but are a great benefit. I wish I could use the clothes line more but it is hard to get those good days for it when you're at work full time. Thanks for taking the tour.

  10. I enjoyed the tour of your yard. I like the way you have things laid out. We have gravel in our back yard, too.

  11. ~Corner Gardener Sue
    Thanks for stopping by. It's hard to tell from a distance but it's all mulch of one form or another where we don't have plants. Some is straw. Some is cedar.

  12. I thought some of it looked like mulch, and some looked like gravel to me. It's great you don't have to mow any of it.

  13. ~Corner Gardener Sue
    No mowing is the goal!!!!


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