Tuesday, November 2, 2010

A Tour With A Taste Of Autumn

The November tour of Garden on Sherlock Street shows the colors of autumn taking over all corners of the garden. There are still annuals blooming in the flower tower by the garage doors and on the patio. I took these photos around 8:30 am Tuesday. There was a hint of frost on the rooftops in the neighborhood but all the plants are still good. It was also the first morning that I noticed my breath as I walked around the garden.

To take the tour, either go back one post or go to the page in the right hand column.

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  1. Dear Sherlock Street, Your garden is still looking pretty and I am surprised that your annuals are still managing to survive.

  2. Winter is creeping in on you...

  3. ~Edith Hope
    I think each season has its own beauty. I'm hoping to use these photos to plan plantings in areas that need a little boost through the year.

    At least it is creeping. Some years it knocks us over.

  4. Hi Sherlock,
    A very interesting tour of your garden, and all is looking very tidy indeed. Thanks!

  5. ~Gary
    Thanks for visiting. I like it tidy for winter and then I'm fine if it gets buried in snow! We'll take all the moisture we can get.


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