Monday, November 15, 2010

An Unusual Visitor

While squirrels are quite common for many gardens, they're rare at Garden on Sherlock Street.  I recall seeing only one earlier this summer on the neighbor's fence.  This squirrel has discovered that we moved our old bird feeder to a post close to the locust tree.  He got a few sunflower seeds off the ground after his acrobatics.  I have a feeling we may see him again.


  1. Yes, he looks quite comfy!!!

  2. Boy do they like bird feeders!:) I remember my Grandparents always trying to shoo them off with little success. The squirrels would always come back when they weren't in the kitchen. I would laugh so hard as they had my Grandparent's timing down to the tee:)

  3. Dear Sherlock Street, Perhaps before too long you will be wishing that the squirrel had not found your garden. Their antics are so amusing to watch but they can be terribly destructive.

  4. Oh dear, and he'll be bringing his cousins with him too..

  5. We NEVER see squirrels here either, but we are in the country quite a way from the nearest squirrels. I have always enjoyed watching the little critters!

  6. Squirrels used to be scarce here too but now they have moved in. I can't say if I am too happy about it. I guess they add a certain spunky quality to the garden.

  7. They are so much fun to watch!

  8. Hi Sherlock,
    Ah, the infamous grey squirrel. Both intelligent and ruthless, and will one day probably take over the earth.

  9. Those little characters get real CREATIVE in getting to the birds' food! While on vacation, we saw 4 squirrels caged. They entertained themselves on exercise wheels constructed 'specially for them!

  10. ~Mildred
    He just made himself at home.

    It's not possible to guard the feeder 24/7.

    ~Edith Hope
    We did find him to be quite amusing. I know they can cause problems. We'll see what happens.


    They are too cute. Hopefully, we can have a friendly relationship with this one.

    They certainly provide entertainment.

    I know. My husband said his first instinct was to open the door and try to scare it away but it was so funny climbing around the feeder that my husband started laughing and just let the squirrel go.

    They are clearly building ranks in some places.

    They certainly have a lot of energy. I loved watching them on campus when I went to college. There were a lot of trees and a lot of squirrels.

  11. Don't let that squirrel feel too much at home - they breed like rabbits! (And they also dig up and eat my tulip bulbs.)
    I've just read your comments about planting trees on Edith Hope's blog. What lovely sayings. My father loved trees and planted hundreds of them over the years, a prolific orchard and copses of firs,so I don't have Edith's objections to the latter.

  12. ~Share my Garden
    Squirrels are pretty rare here so I'm not worried yet.
    I too love the evergreens. They are so needed to buffer the winds we have and add so much to a winter landscape. Wonderful that your dad planted so many trees. Our garden has all the trees it can hold. If we could just get the neighbors to plant some more!


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