Thursday, November 18, 2010

We Got Frosted

Wednesday, we received about .34" of rain and had a brief snow shower with the biggest snow flakes I've ever seen.  They were huge.  It looked like it was snowing feathers.  I was at work at the time so I don't have any photos of the huge snowflakes. 

A little bit of moisture and 27 degrees this morning gave us frost.


  1. Lovely lovely frost (from the warmth of my home:). Cute on the initials. You guys must be quite a bit colder than us-no frost here lately. 1.3 inches of rain and the gardens love it. Have a great day!

  2. Had our first frost last week. I walked to work that morning, everything was so pretty and frosty!

  3. Guess that means it's really here!! We hit 24 last night!! THink that probably did it in for everything:-) It's beginning to FEEL a lot like Christmas!!

  4. Those leaves in the 4th picture look good enough to eat! They remind me of sour candies.

    No frost here yet, though it was close this morning.

  5. ~tina
    I couldn't resist writing in the frost on the grill.

    A frosty morning can be very uplifting!

    My green sweet potato vines finally gave it up with the frost. And, one container of impatiens that were more exposed.

    ~Cherry Lane
    Well, they're strawberry leaves so that makes sense!

  6. I need to see snow photos as that's the only snow we receive...I love how frost loves the camera.

  7. ~Darla
    I promise to take snow photos this winter.

  8. Your plants all look so pretty iced with frost. We've had frost, but no snow so far. I'd be thrilled to get some rain, though!


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