Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Where The Tools Live

We gave the garage a good cleaning earlier this fall.  So, I'm being brave sharing a photo of the corner where I store most of my garden tools.  There are some long handled rakes and such on another wall where we keep the snow shovels and brooms, but most everything else is here.  The mower is hiding under a Christmas decoration.  I pulled the decoration out of the far corner so it's ready to go in December.  There is a table saw in there and some automotive items on the back shelves, but the rest is for the garden.  Shovels, pruners, pots, a wheel barrel, a bin for potting soil, a bin for bird seed, watering cans, etc.  I have a few more containers on the back patio that need to come in when those plants freeze.  Otherwise, everything is tucked away for winter!


  1. All nice and tidy...while my garden tools are scattered throughout the gardens and lawn..sigh

  2. Dear Sherlock Street, What a very tidy arrangement you have of your tools and garden equipment. Mercifully, I have no idea what the inside of my tool shed looks like as J, my gardener/ handyman rules the roost in there.

  3. It looks so nice and neat! I wish mine was as organized. Too much 'stuff' I think.

    I saw the squirrel below-it will for sure be visiting again and again. Not a good thing. We had one break a branch and fall out of the tree onto our bird feeding station recently. It was so funny! But most funny to the darned squirrel. Wish it would go away. They can be destructive.

  4. It looks very neat and organized! Good job!

    I am preparing to plant pansies next week. I have ordered about 14 flats of them for a home tour, and I pray that they make it through the winter. They usually do pretty well, and mine have lasted as long as from October to early May. Hoping this batch does as well.


    Sheila :-)

    P.S. The rain tree is a gorgeous tree, but it is invasive here in Florida. My next door neighbor has a yard full of them, and I love to look at them through the window and see first the yellow blossoms then the pink pods on the ground underneath as well as on the branches. They are very pretty.

  5. Awe Shucks----can't you come to TN --and organize and clean out our garage for us???? I have wanted to do it all Fall---and haven't done it YET... Maybe, once we rake up all of the fallen leaves, we will get to it.... Yours looks GREAT...


  6. You are brave. i would never show my garage storage (lack of) system. Yours looks one thousand times better than mine.

  7. Your garage is so tidy! It must be wonderful to be so well organized. I always seem to be living teetering between chaos and mayhem. Have a nice evening! Jennifer

  8. ~Darla
    I'm pretty good at rounding them up from the garden.

    ~Edith Hope
    You should just imagine that the tool shed is all in order with everything nicely displayed. Since you don't know, it can be anything you wish.

    ~Marsha's Mpressions
    There's not a lot of extra space in our garage. It has to be in its place or it won't work.


    I "edited" several unused items this past spring. There's not much space and one needs room to move too. I didn't know squirrels could be heavy enough to break a branch. They seem so "light on their feet."

    Thanks. I keep meaning to try pansies but haven't make it yet. A friend overwinter some last year. That would be so nice having pansies ready to bloom in spring. Good luck with yours. The rain trees don't seem to start easily by themselves here. Too cold in the winter I suppose.

    I hope you find some time. I'd take some of the leaves from you if I could.

    Well, I got it at a good time. Had to prove it could happen.

    I have chaos in areas too. Thanks for visiting.

  9. Hi Sherlock
    I think that I am going to have to get you to come over here and do a 'makeover' on my two sheds. After the years madness they are in complete turmoil, stuffed to the brim, and the motorbike still needs to go in somewhere....please help!
    Glad to see al the tools nice and clean in yours.

  10. ~Gary
    I don't think you could afford my milage charge. Ha!
    Scary, but I love watching those organization tv shows.


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