Thursday, December 30, 2010

Christmas Gifts For The Gardener On Sherlock Street

I received a few Christmas gifts to support my gardening obsession...

A garden hose guide with a cute frog.

A garden hose guide with a pretty dragonfly.

A 2011 Old Farmer's Almanac Calendar where I'll write down when I plant vegetables, how much rain we receive, etc.  It has a lot of gardening "tidbits" on each page.

A book to help me help my plants.


  1. great gifts all-- and gifts another gardener would covet!

  2. Great presents, I bet you smiled opening each one.

  3. I love those hose guides! I know you will continue to love and enjoy these gifts all through the summer. Happy New Year!

  4. That looks like a GREAT book!! I'm a do-it-yourself bookaholic!! And I really need to find some of those hose guides. .as I am starting to hook the mulitiple patches of plants now when I have to drag the hose. .which, in SW Ks. .is quite often!! I know you'll enjoy them much!

  5. I need one of those What's Wrong With My Plant books!!!

  6. Perfect gifts for a gardener! Happy New Year to you!

  7. ~Martha
    I usually give a few hints.

    Yes indeed.

    Very much.

    I really need the hose guides.


    Adding more beds was the reason I need more hose guides. Sometimes, I forget and just start dragging and catch a plant. The book works like a flow chart...if you have this, go to page 16; if you see this go to page 21, etc. And, it has photos and drawings to help!

    Don't we all?

    Thanks, you too!

  8. The good thing about gardeners is it's so easy to find presents for them. There's always something needed for the garden, or if not, something to read about it!


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