Tuesday, December 28, 2010

A Foggy/Frosty Day After Christmas

We awoke on December 26th, groggy from all the family gatherings on Christmas Day, to a white world.  It woke us right up as it was cold!  The fog really prettied up the garden.  I managed to capture a few photos before we piled back into the car to go to another family gathering.  Enjoy the frosty photos from the warmth by your computer!


  1. Very pretty pictures! We actually had snow too. I wish you and yours a happy new year.

  2. I love when it freezes like that...and eventually it all grows back! We have some nasty weather coming our way and I'm a bit fearful of what it will leave behind:(

  3. Great frosty shots. Thanks for your pic info - I bought storage and my photos are up - come on back by to see the snow!

  4. We have a lot of fog here, as the temperature rise and the snow melts. I quite like it; adverse weather makes me smile!!!

  5. So beautiful - the frost is as pretty as the snow.

  6. Beautiful photos! We had some hoarfrost, too, the Sunday before Christmas--it really makes everything look like a magical winter wonderland.

  7. I love the look of frosty gardens. Once the snow arrives, everything gets buried until spring.

  8. Loved the picture of the forest!! We had a thick frost similar the other morning. .but I was too rushed getting out the door to appreciate it much!!

  9. Nice photos! Larry and I drove to Omaha, an hour away today. We wondered what happened to the 40 some degree forecast. It was overcast, and even drizzled some. At one point, we also saw fog. I took my camera, but didn't take a single photo.

  10. ~Mildred
    Lucky you getting snow!

    We're suppose to be hit with an artic blast this afternoon. But first, it will get warm and spring like just to make us notice the drop in temperatures even more!

    ~Carolina Mountains

    It was.

    It certainly keeps things interesting.

    I love the way it forms on every little thing.

    The best decorations.

    This is why I leave so many plants. They look great in frost.

    Seems like we've had more fog than usual. I'd really like some snow!

    I've done that with my camera before. It's gotta "grab" me. Stay warm.


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