Monday, December 6, 2010

A Light Snow In Time For The December Tour

A light snow fell at Garden on Sherlock Street Sunday morning.  It melted quickly but I was able to get a few photos.  I have posted the December tour with photos from Sunday morning so you can see the whole garden with a dusting of snow.  The photos below are bonus tour photos! 


  1. It sure makes for pretty photos, I never tire of seeing them.

  2. Looks like you got about as much snow as we did. We still have snow in the shady spots in the orchard but it melted from most of the lawns. Happy Holidays!

  3. I enjoyed your Dec. tour in the post below, and this one is icing on the cake! It's gotten cold here but no snow as yet--it's gone south of us instead. I believe we may get quite an accumulation mid-December, if the forecasters are correct. I'm not ready for it, though!! I hope you have a wonderful holiday season:-)

  4. The bench looks like it has a dusting of confectioners sugar on it!

  5. The snow kinda makes it feel more like Christmas. Very pretty!

  6. That's about as much as we got here. I guess you can call ours a 'dusting'... However, since we're mountainous--they cancelled schools today.. Guess it is unsafe for the buses to drive some of those roads.

    Great pictures. Have a great day.

  7. There is certainly never too much snow in my book. It looks as though there is enough on that bench to make a snowball though, that what counts!

  8. Enjoyed the tour of your garden. There's nothing like a light snow to make everything look magical and festive for the Christmas season. Everything looks so tidy in your garden--I'm afraid I forgot a few things outside, which will probably stay there until the snow melts:)

  9. You got about the same snow as we've gotten. Right now the sun is shining but the snow flakes are still falling. It's very cold. I think we'll have to get the fire going in the fireplace earlier than usual today!

  10. Looks cold there!! Wondering if you might be getting some snow today too!! Enjoy!

  11. ~Darla
    Snow really tops everything off nicely.

    The snow by the front bench stuck around the longest.

    Thanks for taking the tour. We were suppose to get snow today too but nothing came.

    It does!! Makes me think of baking.

    I always like getting snow before Christmas. It really sets the mood.

    I'm sure mountain roads are difficult with even a little snow. It takes more snow than this to close schools here.

    It wasn't very sticky so it would have been hard to make the snowball.

    Thanks for visiting. If I can't dig in the garden, it may as well have snow covering it.

    A cozy fire sounds nice. Enjoy your snowfall.

    No snow for us today. Maybe you got some.


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