Friday, December 3, 2010

More Migration

I reported on the migration of plants to the family room for winter in October.  I added a container with basil cuttings in November.  Now, I have added a container with verbena which just won't die.  As plants in containers on the patio died off with the colder temperatures, I've tossed them in the pile.  Today, I tossed the last bacopa and the last wave petunia.  That left the verbena in a galvanized bucket.

I trimmed off the scraggly looking parts, gave it a good drink and brought it into the family room.  I've never overwintered a verbena before.  Is it even possible?  My plant stand is so full that it is on the floor. 

I've been shuffling plants as I try to accommodate the different light needs.  There have been some casualties.  I'll report them at a later date.  Right now, I'm just amazed that I'm bringing in a plant in December!

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  1. Hi there, I brought my Verbena plant inside this year too... So far, it is doing well. I never had one until this past summer ---so I had never 'wintered' it before...

    Yours looks very very healthy.

    Have a great weekend.

  2. I leave my verbena outside, they have come back so far every spring. My newley rooted cuttings and over wintering of plants have suffered some too.

  3. I am still impressed that my basil cuttings made roots. It's nice to have nice big plants to put outside in the spring!! Enjoy yours.

  4. Dear Sherlock Street, Verbena in variety can be a hardy perennial and will overwinter outside provided that temperatures do not stay Arctic for very prolonged periods. However, I do not know what variety your plant is. It does look very splendid in its galvanised container though!!So, enjoy it whilst it lasts.

  5. My verbena often overwinter in garden beds so I don't see why they wouldn't for you on the patio. I hope if you love it it does.~~Dee

  6. Yes, it seems our seasons are different the last few years. I hope your verbena makes it. I have an old fashioned kind that looks like yours that is in the ground. I hope it makes it. This is from a friend's yard, so I think it should. The Homestead I planted did not make it through the winter.

  7. ~Betsy
    I hope your verbena does well too.

    It is often hit and miss with the cuttings in the fall. I hope some make it for you. I think we'll get too cold for the verbena to be outside all winter in a bucket. It's always worth trying.

    Yea for your basil. I think one of mine is doing ok. One bit the dust.

    ~Edith Hope
    Verbena is obviously more hardy than I realized. I bought this one on a whim as I was walking out of a green house this past spring because I like the bright pink blooms. I don't know what variety it is either.

    I'm being safe I guess. It has one tiny bloom right now.

    ~Corner Gardener Sue
    You give me hope. As I told Edith, I grabbed it on a whim so I didn't pay too much attention to its variety. It was pretty!


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