Sunday, December 5, 2010

Saved Seeds

I finally had time to list the seeds I saved from my garden this past summer: 


sweet potato vine
I rarely get the potatoes to survive winter but I keep trying.

Trust me, they're in the bag.


lettuce (salad bowl or grand rapids)



watermelon (from my Mom and Dad)


purple hyacinth bean

moon flower

mysterious yellow flower my neighbor had


  1. Good Morning! You reminded me that many years ago, I had Love in a Mist and I loved the flowers. Wonderful collection of seeds you have. Enjoy your Sunday.

  2. Looks like you have done a great job of collecting, separating and marking all of your seeds.... Can't wait to see what you get out of them next spring/summer in your garden!!!!!

    Have a great day.

  3. Hi Sherlock,

    I never seem to get around to saving seeds, although I do plan to every year. The sweet potato vine tubers look really strange, I have never seen them before. They look like large intestine segments.

  4. We saved some pumpkin seeds last year. First time we've done that, so we'll see how the replanting goes. I went out to try and save some seeds from our Lion's Tail and either a) I can't tell what they look like exactly, or b) the bird's got to them before me. I'm leaning towards a.

  5. Won't be long until you can get around to planting them again! The time seems to be flying.

  6. ~Mildred
    My love-in-a-mist self seeds pretty well but I always save some seeds for family and friends.

    Thanks. As long as I don't knock over the tiny jars, I do ok keeping them labeled. Ha!

    The sweet potato vine tubers are strange. Growing them in containers really makes them odd because they crowd each other.

    Good luck with the pumpkin seeds. I've never tried to save seed from grasses. Birds do love grass seeds.

    Time is flying. I can't believe Christmas is coming already.


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