Thursday, December 9, 2010

So Happy To Be Here

On the plant stand.

Behind the birdhouse Christmas decoration.

Under a plant light.

Is a geranium bloom!

This is one of the geranium cuttings I started last summer. I was surprised to find a bloom.


  1. Well, congrats on a job well done!

  2. How sweet is that at Christmas time. Enjoy. Also wonderful that you have this from a cutting. That's always great.


  3. That was a nice little gift of a bloom. It is even more satisfying I'm sure since it was from a cutting.
    You have a nice place to put all of your plants. I brought my lemon tree in the house and I kind of like it in the kitchen.
    Stay warm :)

  4. Beautiful - even MORE so because of all the "conditions" (cutting, out-of-season, indoors, etc.)

  5. Glad you can enjoy that geranium a little longer:-)

  6. Yeah! Those little spots of color in the winter mean so much to me too. I sometimes put them in vases.

  7. Those plants like that light --don't they? Like that plant stand.. I have about 9-10 plants inside this winter (trying to save them for the spring/summer). BUT--I have mine on tables beside the window --and no light.... Yours will be much happier than mine I'm sure.

    Great idea. Love your geranium bloom.

  8. Congrats! Share your secret, since that is something I want to try this year too!

  9. How lovely! And just in time for Christmas! I'm going to miss having geraniums blooming indoors this year--they made it as far as my front porch, but then got hit by a freeze before I remembered to bring them in. Next year I really need to pay more attention to the forecast:)

  10. I have a geranium ready to bloom, it has 2 blossoms ready to open. I hope it's one of my red geraniums, just in time for Christmas.

  11. What a joy to find a bloom in the house. Just lovely!

    Glad to hear you do diagrams too. The spacing is most important. Even with diagrams I sometimes overplant:( But they sure help out!

  12. What a nice surprise. I always bring in the whole plants. I should try the cuttings, I always thought it would take too long to bloom. I am glad I saw that yours did. I did cuttings outside and no blooms, just lots of leaves, with compost too.

  13. Congratulations on getting a geranium blossom from a cutting you started this summer. You have a marvelous green thumb.

  14. What a wonderful surprise for Christmas! Such a pretty bloom too.

  15. ~Sue
    Yea! :-)

    Thanks. Nice to have you visit.

    I never count of them blooming inside. It always makes for a nice surprise when one does.

    That's a good idea. Then, it wouldn't be hiding behind the birdhouse!

    Getting good light in winter inside is a trick. I hope your plants do well.

    I have the best luck starting the geranium cuttings when it's the hottest during the summer.

    Oh no! Pick beautiful colors for your new plants next spring.

    Sounds like you're being blesses with blooms too. I hope you get your red one.

    A flower opening inside seems like an amazing feat. Sure is nice when it happens.

    This bloom is a surprise. It must just be exceptionally happy. I brought in some whole plants too.

    Thanks George. Stop by to see the flowers anytime.

    I'm hoping it will last for a while.



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