Wednesday, December 8, 2010

There Are Still Spouts In There

About a month ago, I added some bubble wrap to the cold frame where I planted lettuce and radish seeds this fall.  We've had some pretty cold temperatures but the little sprouts are still going.  They are slightly larger.  They're growing slowly.  I'm not sure they'll produce anything for us.  A real cold spell will likely do them in.  It's an experiment, like a lot of things in my garden.


  1. I'm curious to see how they do. Love little sprouts, they always make me smile.

  2. They look really good. Even if they don't fully mature you can use the greens as micro greens. I hear they are fantastic. All my sprouts in my veggie garden bit the dust:(

  3. I should have picked my late planted salad greens before we got into single digits. Mine weren't in a cold frame, though. I keep thinking I want to try to make one, but we haven't so far.

    I hope your experiment goes well.

  4. ~Darla
    I hope they grow a little more.


    I thought about that. I'm just wondering how low can the temperatures get before I'll need to pick them. I want them to grow as much as possible. Sorry about your sprouts. Bummer.

    Those single digits are what I'm worried about. I keep checking on the cold frame and do have a thermometer in there but I'm probably close to needing to just try and eat what I have (lettuce wise.) The radishes will do what they do.


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