Friday, January 7, 2011

How Are The House Plants?

The house plants in the living room are doing well.  They were tucked into corners to make room for the Christmas tree, but have been returned to their space in front of the window.  The ficus tree in the far corner is not real.

I introduced you to the house plants in August.  They are all doing well.  There is an additional angel wing begonia which had been on the front porch during the summer.  It is the short plant on the floor in the above photo.  It lost a lot of leaves after moving into the house but is hanging on. 

The star of the house plants currently is the family Christmas Cactus. 

It is starting to bloom! 

I don't fuss over it about how much light it is receiving to force it to bloom for Christmas.  I just let it live as it wishes.  It rewards me with blooms each year sometime between Christmas and St. Patrick's Day.

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  1. Your plants just look wonderful! You truly have a green thumb.


    Sheila :-)

  2. Hi Sherlock,
    The houseplants are indeed looking very healthy. A large Dracaena of our had developed red spider mite before Christmas and so out it went. It's still in the garden, looking totally dead after the cold, and I can't help but feel pangs of guilt when I look at it now...sad eh? My mum always said that a Christmas cactus will grow anywhere in the house, but the secret is not to move them to another place when flowering or the blooms fall and stop. Have never tried it, but hers always seemed really good.

  3. Your plants look good. How nice to have some blooms this time of the year though.

  4. So wish I could say the same things for MY houseplants! I was given a unique potted hydrangea for Christmas. I don't believe it will make it to spring when I'd hoped to plant it outdoors. Seems to need water EVERY day. My small Christmas cactus may survive because I killed one last year by watering too much. So THIS one goes almost 2 weeks w/o water. Only my trusty philodendron
    survives without a fuss.

  5. Our Christmas cactus bloomed in November and it looks like it is budding again!!! I guess it is a Thanksgiving/Martin Luther King cactus!!!!

    Glad your houseplants are all doing well.

  6. Your indoor plants look comfy and healthy. I don't do well with indoor plants.


  7. Wish I could grow Christmas cactus. .I can grow many things. .but TOTALLY not those!! I know it seems like forever until spring will be here and they can travel back outside. .in reality. .I think it will FEEL like next week when the weather is delicious again! Enjoy your winter weather coming soon!

  8. I've never seen so many babies on an airplane plant before! I don't do anything special for my holiday cacti either. I have 3, and 2 need at least to be put in real pots, out of their plastic store pots.

  9. ~Sheila
    Thank you.

    Sad about your dracaena. I don't move the Christmas cactus once it starts showing any buds. While I had shuffled the other plants out of the way for the Christmas tree, it wasn't bothered. My big tip about Christmas cactus plants is to remember that they are a cactus. Don't drown them. :-)

    I especially like that it is blooming when we're the coldest.

    That is a dry hydrangea. Hmmm. My Christmas cactus is in a large pot so it has a lot of reserves but I only water it once a month at most. Love those philodendrons. I don't have one at home but they sure are great at the office.

    Nice bonus from your Christmas cactus. Enjoy it!

    You have a great climate for a lot of outdoor plants. I wouldn't worry about indoor ones as much if I always had something growing outside.

    I think Christmas cactus like to be ignored a lot. This one is very important as it has been passed down from my grandmother. I keep a close eye on it but don't mess with it much. Stay warm!!!

    The air plane plant is kind of crazy. We like it that way. It probably needs repotting in the spring. That will be a process. Enjoy your Christmas cactus. If they're happy in the posts they came in, no rush.


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