Saturday, January 8, 2011

Odd Thing I Saw At A Store

On Saturday, my wonderful husband and I were running errands.  We went to the store where we buy bird seed to stock up before the supposed blizzard arrives (I say supposed because you never know what our weather will do until it happens.)  I ventured into the area where a few Christmas items remained and found these amaryllis bulbs.

I have two tiny amaryllis bulbs getting love and attention at Garden on Sherlock Street yet they will not perform.  These two bulbs were ignored on a store shelf with no soil, no water, no natural sunlight, etc yet they bloomed.  Obviously, they are done blooming.


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  1. Not for me. Things like that always happen to me! Most of my indoor plants look like the one on the right AFTER it bloomed and died. ;-)



  2. I love amaryllis bulbs....they are so much fun. Sometimes I let them stay outside with their green leaves. But to get those nice flowers, I pull the bulbs, chops the leaves off, put them in a paper bag in a dark place and forget about them until October.....then I put some wonderful dirt in a pot and watch it grow:)

  3. I am sstill a bit bitter towards these plants! I got one for my 10th(ish) christmas with no warning!! I do not remember if it bloomed or not, but after seeing some bloom in a store(and on gardening blogs) I think I am willing to give it a go next(this) year! It is always tough when you only have a once a year shot to make it bloom and your house may not have the correct lighting where you placed it. ( But what do I know!!) Good luck in 2011 with it!!

  4. It probably got a dose of bulb booster or bloom booster before being put on the shelf so it would sell...

  5. I see this too and feel sorry for these bulbs that wanted to grow and bloom yet were neglected!

  6. That is crazy!

    Don't give up. Keep trying....I like to blame garden failure on the quality of the bulbs etc.

  7. ~Sheila
    You're cute.

    I enjoy the leaves too. They grow so long.

    Give one a try. They're fun.

    I wondered about that.

    I wonder if they used all their energy for that bloom or could be planteds still and produce next year.

    Plants can be crazy.


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