Friday, January 21, 2011

One Friday Evening

An ice storm this past week reminded me that we are still deep in winter at Garden on Sherlock Street.  Our entire world was glazed on Wednesday.  Driving and walking outside were precarious activities.

I've been casually looking at the seed catalogs arriving in the mail imagining container groupings, new plants for the new beds, new plants for the old beds, another bed edged with the remaining concrete pieces stacked in the garden, placement of the vegetables and how good it will feel to dig in the soil.  Soil which is currently frozen solid.

After a busy week for my wonderful husband and me at our places of employment, Friday was a day of celebration.  TGIF!!!!!

My WH had plans to game with his buddies Friday evening.  I had a whole evening to do whatever I wanted.  I wanted to plan my garden.

I piled all the saved seeds, empty seed packets (with notes written on them), seed and plant catalogs, lists, drawings of garden beds, the computer, etc. on the coffee table in the family room where the overwintering plants reside.  I settled in to dream of spring.  

My plans will change before they are carried out.  The list in the right hand column under pages will change as I change my mind.  Oh, but what fun to dream and plan!


  1. It's nice to have a quiet evening to plot and plan and a January evening is the perfect time!

  2. One of the most fulfilling activities for a gardener!! I marked my lists for the last time this past week. .and ordered plants from HCG and a passel of seeds from Park. I am hoping to get a quicker starts on my seeds this year. .like next week!! And since then. .I haven't been able to shake the images of new flowers out of my head!! Good luck finalizing your plans!

  3. I need to start dreaming, too. I'm goind to a garden club meeting next month, and the discussion is going to be on Florida heritage plants. I can't wait. I've long thought I need to have a native garden, and I just wish I could find a landscape designer I trust to really work with me. I know it's trial and error because everything is different in each yard. I've done a lot of that, but I am not completely happy with the garden design that they did on my yard. I think it could be a lot better. So I need to be dreaming right along with you.


    Sheila :-)

  4. Love the comfy and restful picture! Sounds like you had the perfect evening!

  5. If you have to be 'holed up' inside, what better way to spend the time than with cozy slippers, seed catalogues and an evening to plan and dream?!

  6. We got snow out of that same storm that brought your freezing rain. Ugh. I'm ready for spring, and I told Harland just that tonight. He laughed at me. He's a native Kansan, and more pragmatic about winter than I am.

  7. I got some seeds today so I could feel like I was doing "something" garden-y! Have fun for soon the hard work begins with those first lovely days of spring.

  8. This is going to sound weird, but I wish I had a bit of that dreaming time trapped inside the house. Here it's either warm or hot! There's no break and it keeps going until we get to summer. Sometimes I would just like to sit and ponder about things knowing I can't do anything until the snow is gone:) While reading your post, I imagine you in a lamp lighted room with old fasioned wooden furniture labeling manila envelopes drinking tea or coffee. I stress with all the projects this time of year....too many to get done before the 100 degree temps arrive!

  9. That does sound like a nice evening. I would love to just sit down and make up a plan like you have, I just need to get myself organized first. Sounds like you'll be busy this year.

  10. Your feet look very comfy and warm! :) I love those little seed packages and they are hard to resist when I walk past them at the store.

  11. Hi There, Lots of people are enjoying looking at seed catalogs this time of year.. It reminds us all that Spring WILL come--someday!!!!

    We have more snow today ---but it's not as bad here as it could have been...

    YES---spring WILL come.......??????? ha

  12. ~Martha

    I have my HCG order pretty well laid out, I bought some seeds in town and am narrowing down the seeds I'll order!

    Oooooh, new garden plans are fun. Enjoy your garden club meeting. I hope you get some great new things planned for your garden.

    It was soooo nice.

    It's one of those reasons I like winter. That rest and planning time for the garden.

    I know we could get a lot more cold and snow before we're done too. Although, this week is going to be crazy warm!!!

    I like getting all my seeds before it's warm enough to plant them so I can just plant when it's time. Slowly but surely we'll get there.

    The snow is a great reason to sit back and plan. It is an (electric) lamp lit room with some favorite old pieces of furniture and a really comfy chair. It's a cozy spot to plan.

    Always busy it seems. A plan helps especially since our month of May seems to be packed with activities and that is the month where everything gets planted or it's not going to before summer gets hot.

    Comfy booties indeed. I was surprised how early the seed packets showed up this year. I saw some by the Christmas decorations in one store.

    Enjoy getting the moisture with your snow. Spring is coming.


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