Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Overwintering Plants Part 1

It is COLD at Garden on Sherlock Street.
This is the patio thermometer after the sun came up Tuesday morning.
0 degrees Fahrenheit. Brrrr!

Wednesday morning is suppose to be colder.

So, let's talk about some inside gardening.

I am overwintering several plants in our family room.  They migrated in last fall.  There have been a few casualties which are highlighted on the list.  Here is the list as of today:

3 Jacob's coats
2 amaryllis
1 mother-in-law's tongue
2 cacti
10 geraniums -1
1 aloe vera
2 asparagus fern
6 impatien cuttings -3
1 ice plant
8 sweet potato vine cuttings -4
1 basil
1 verbena
hornwort (in bucket)
snails (in bucket)

Since I had trouble uploading a video tour of all the plants at once, I have created a four part series.  I hope you'll watch each day.

Ice Plant/Variegated Sweet Potato Vine


  1. Oh, it is COLD there on Sherlock Street! We are dipping into freezing temps. at night. I didn't know you had autumn joy sedum...looks like you have (had) quite a bit. I really like it and would like to grow more of it in a grouping.Stay warm!

  2. I've never heard of an ice plant, but it is really pretty!

    Those ice caps on your plants outside look almost like cotton bolls.

    Enjoyed your video!


    Sheila :-)

  3. I enjoyed the video very much. Your temp. is soooooo cold! We have 8" of snow but we are right around freezing. Your Autumn Joy sedums are cute with their snow caps! That one sweet potato vine is really taking off.

  4. My rose geranium is not looking all that good but everything else seems to be doing well! But I'm not as ambitious as you are about what I bring in.

  5. Oh my, that is very cold! I am terrible with houseplants~and Mr Coal, the cat king would eat them so there are only two way up high! Do keep warm. gail

  6. Good job on the video! That sweet potato vine on the right does indeed look happy.

  7. Good luck with your overwintering project! I have over a dozen geraniums scattered throughout the house, including the scented one (which smells awful but my sister gave it to me so I had to save it) which I could not bear to let die. So I am overwintering plants too! Enjoy!

  8. That was a cute video and I enjoyed seeing the ice caps on the sedums.

    I can't even imagine 0 degrees.


  9. Always has to be a casualty!! Looks like most everything is doing well though!

  10. ~Amy
    My autumn joy sedum has a little corner by the house. I try to root new starts each spring to fill in the space a little more. Most of the starts take off. It is such a nice easy plant and with our half sunken family room, I can enjoy it through the window too.

    The ice plant gets little pink blooms during the summer. It roots pretty easy and does well in baskets.
    The ice caps do look like cotton bolls.

    Thanks for visiting via your warm computer. :-) I'm really encouraged by that sweet potato vine. It's the first time I've gotten a varigated one to grow inside.

    I hope the rose geranium is just sleeping for you and perks up. I try a lot of plants. There is always hope they'll make it.

    No cats inside here so I can put plants anywhere I want.


    I hope all your geraniums make it (even the stinky one). :-)

    0 is pretty bad. I don't even think freezers have to be that cold.

    That's why I bring in as many as I can. Success in numbers.

  11. I decided to come here after all and look at your video. I noticed that snow outside before you pointed it out. Brr!

    I look forward to seeing your other plant videos.

  12. Where have I been? How did I miss these posts? I love the videos...LOVE them. It is absolutely beautiful outside and to have healthy green plants inside is like a Christmas miracle! I think if I were you, I would sit and drink coffee or tea and just stare out that window....sometimes I miss the snow:) Sometimes....


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