Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Overwintering Plants Part 2

It was -6 degrees Farenheit this morning when we got up.  More inside gardening today.

These little video tours are fun to make.  I hope you're enjoying them.


  1. Oh I love the videos. I received a bloggie video recorder for Christmas but haven't had the umph to post a video yet. Do get a handle on those fungas gnats...

  2. Snails in the house? Very interesting indeed. The plants look like they'll all make it no problem. I use a houseplant bug spray when I have issues with bugs. Works good but is messy. The greenhouse has a few aphids but is only about 40 degrees so not so bad. It's inside where I used to get spider mites. Never had fungus gnats but I hope the strip works.

  3. Every time I sit on our sofa I notice a gnat....hmmmm.I'm going to have to keep an eye on those little things. Your plants are looking good.

  4. Your plants look good. I'm used to seeing mother in law tongue grow outside, and we had a huge amount of it. Then last winter we had the first of the bad freezes accompanied by the ones this year, so they are gone. Sigh. Your Jacob's Coat is pretty, too.

    You're doing a good job with your videos.


    Sheila :-)

  5. I've missed your other videos, and now I have to get ready for bed. I sure enjoyed this one. I wish I would have put my mother in law's tongue outside over the years. It's been on the toilet upstairs for over 12 years. It actually belonged to my m-i-l, but hasn't been doing well the last few months. I'm afraid it's not going to make it.

    You have a nice, cheerful voice.

  6. I've enjoyed both of these videos. I was relieved to find that I'm not the only one for whom amaryllis sometimes do nothing.

  7. We have two issues with over wintering plants inside the house. Cats and Gnats. This year the Pothos are hanging in the sunroom while the banana tree is behind closed doors in the guest bedroom. Cats not happy about once again having a NO NO room in the house but I love the bananas so much it is worth closing off a room….

    Your videos are nice and especially seeing the warm cozy plants inside with the snowy caps out the window….

  8. Nice videos. I should give that a try! The only insects I encounter with over-wintering plants are teeny tiney flies, smaller than a fruit fly.

  9. ~Darla
    Just start playing with the recorder. It can be so fun. My camera takes videos so I have an all in one. Those gnats are a pain!

    Snails are very quiet pets.
    I hate all the over spray even just spaying soapy water inside. I'm hoping the no pest strip will keep down the numbers and I go as long as possible between waterings. Can you get lady bugs for inside your greenhouse to deal with the aphids?

    My husband swears the gnats know when he sits down at the computer because at least one comes to bug him.

    Thanks. Last summer was the first year I took the MIL's tongue outside and it really perked up and grew with nice varigation so it will have a summer vacation on the patio again. The Jacob's Coat is doing better than I feared inside. I like when it gets the pink on its leaves in the sun.

    I hope your MIL tongue holds on until summer. You could try it outside. Mine really did better being out there last year. Thanks for viewing the videos!

    Thanks for checking 'em out.

    You, me and the amaryllis. Maybe we can have a talk.

    I just have the gnat issue. The snowy caps outside the window were a nice bonus. I hadn't thought about being able to see them until I started recording.

    These gnats look like teeny tiney flies. Maybe we have the same thing? It's hard to tell when they're stuck to the glue strip! Thanks for watching.

  10. You are truly a dedicated gardener!!! Snails in your house??!! Amaryllis are so touchy especially after the first year of blooms. I pull them and toss them in the fridge in a brown bag and then pull them out to force more blooms the following year. My grandparents overwintered their plants with those amazing plant lights....and when summer came, they had the best garden out of the whole neighborhood!


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