Thursday, January 13, 2011

Overwintering Plants Part 3

If there is one tip I pass along about all indoor plants during the winter it is this:  don't turn them.

I used to turn my plants when they started to lean toward the light thinking they'll be better if they grow straight.  If I turn them, they'll lean back the other way.

Well, I went to a houseplant workshop our extension office offered and the man giving the presentation said turning a leaning plant during the winter will starve the plant.  Since there is so little light during the winter, a plant positions its leaves to capture as much light as possible.  When you suddenly move it, it loses that light.  It starves.

At Garden on Sherlock Street, my plants can do the hokey pokey if they want, but they can't turn around.

Enjoy the video!


  1. That is great advice about not turning your plants around!! I do turn mine when they get really "lean-y." So I guess I should break the habit!! THanks for the tip!

  2. I didn't know that...excellent tip and really fun video/series. How do you keep those cacti happy? Here's a sad fact, I keep anything in our house because the cats chew on them, eat them, use them for a's really horrible. I love plants and I love my cats....why can't they both get along?:)

  3. look at me! learning a new thing! wooo hoo!!! I didn't know this! I always turn that they look wonderful on the inside I suppose...thanks friend!!! you should link this in and share it on my FF party today!

  4. Very nice. I have never took cuttings from geraniums...matter of fact I didn't have any in the garden last year, hmm. Asparagus ferns I have planted in the gardens, they spread here and there, nothing I can't control though.

  5. ~Melanie
    I have a few that are really lean-y now. I want to turn them but I've resisted so far.

    Thanks for checking out all the videos. They were fun to make. I think I'll try more in the future. Thanks for the amaryllis tip. I've never tried putting them in the refrigerator. I think I'll get new ones and start over. My cacti have done well for me. I'm sure they'd rather have a sunnier and warmer spot but I try to give them a lot of that during the summer. No cats in our house so I don't have that issue. If only they would get along indeed. Good thing you can garden outside most all year. By the way, I love the picture you're using for your profile.

    You're welcome, but you probably get enough sun all year to not worry about it too much.

    Do the plants in your greenhouse lean much? Or, do they light from enough directions to stay straight?

    I've started increasing the number of geraniums because they are pretty hardy.

  6. I have some geranium cuttings that are doing very well. I also have a large cactus dish garden that I've been studying. I think I would enjoy them more if they were in individual pots - bring on the heavy duty gloves for a bit of transplanting!

  7. What good advice, I never knew that and ive always turned my plants - which explans why they dont do so well! thanks!


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