Friday, January 14, 2011

Overwintering Plants Part 4

This is the final video from the tour of plants overwintering at Garden on Sherlock Street.  I hope you've enjoyed them.  It was a good way to "garden" inside during the recent Arctic blast!


  1. I hoope you continue to do videos, I really liked them...put some water on that basil...

  2. Yeah, my basil didn't turn out too great either, but then it was not so great when I started it either. .maybe next year!!

  3. I forgot to save clippings from my potato vine...:/ I had so much of it, too. Happy indoor gardening!

  4. What fun! I really should try to root some potato vines and such next year. Have you ever tried keeping coleus alive in the winter by taking cuttings? I think basil is probably hard to keep alive. Maybe you can still use the wilted parts in a dish.

  5. I've never had success over wintering basil, but I do have two pots of growing chives on my kitchen window sill. I had parsley too a couple weeks ago but didn't like the extra protein that the aphids were providing. .

    My two prized plants that win my overwintering award are:
    - Passion Flower
    - Australian Tree Fern

    These two plants are loving the inside vacation and I couldn't be happier.

    Nice blog..

    Leslie your newest follower from Tranquil Acres of Alexandria

  6. ~Darla
    I like recording the videos. There will be more.

    Since I recorded the video, my basil died. Just gave up and drooped. I think it was too cool for it in our family room. I'll start some from seed again in the spring!

    I started saving the sweet potato vine after bringing a bunch of it in as a "floral arrangement" one year. It all rooted in the water.

    I have tried coleus. Sometimes it works for me, sometimes it doesn't. The basil bit it. It was dumped on the pile outside.

    Having the chives inside sound nice. The basil didn't make it. Oh well. Thanks for visiting.



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