Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Still Planning

My Friday evening was wonderful planning and dreaming.  I have a pretty good idea about changes I want to make with the "hardscapes," paths and structures in the garden as well as perennial plantings. 

I'm working on my vegetable garden plans this week.  A little here and there as I find time.  I want to narrow down my decisions and order some seeds soon.  Our local extension office has a list of vegetable varieties that do well in our area.  I consult the list each year.  We haven't liked some of the choices on there, so they've been scratched; and we've tried varieties not listed and had good luck with them.  I'm doing better at keeping track of the varieties we like so I can plant them each year.  I'm compiling my list and will share it with you soon. 

This is the vegetable planting calendar that accompanies the vegetable varieties list.  Some vegetables aren't represented and I've found I have good luck planting peas again late in the summer for a fall crop, but it is a great place to start.  You plant during the time the boxes are white and harvest during the time the boxes are black.  As you can see, there is no vegetable gardening in January, February, November or December.


  1. Dear Sherlock Street, I can see that you are going to be fantastically organised this year with your vegetable gardening. I am sure that this is the only way to really get the most benefit. I should be hopeless at all of this planning so I shall just content myself with a pot of garlic this year. This will be the first vegetable [if one can call it that] that I have ever grown!!

    I look forward to hearing of your garden plans in due course.

  2. You are one smart gardener to begin planning now. You'll be ready to jump in feet first when the time comes!

  3. You are a seriously organized gardener for sure....I just looked at your May 2010 Tour, that Dame's Rocket was beautiful.

  4. Oh dear, how I wish you could come give me a lesson! Last year was my first vegetable garden and though it grew well, my timing was off and I (sad face) seemed to waste a lot of my crop. I love growing my own food, so I guess it's just a learning process. I really look forward to looking through your blog and learning from you and I anticipate your upcoming posts. Is that chart something you came up with? PS I found you from A Gardener In Progress :) Have a lovely day!

  5. IT FEELS LIKE SPRING!! Currently 62 degrees. .and 68 by tomorrow!! I'll blow some north for you!! Call in sick and play in the garden!!

  6. We had a very pretty day today and I found myself longing for Spring. I admire your organization.

  7. I really need to get organized like you are. Maybe this weekend I'll make myself gather up all the my seeds and make up a planting time chart. How lucky to be able to do vegetable gardening 8 months of the year.

  8. I'll bet if you lived next door, I'd be a better vegetable gardener myself! I SEE the organization behind your success now!

  9. ~Edith Hope
    How nice to see you again.
    Fantastically organized is a wonderful way to describe it. I take that as a complement. Garlic is wonderful to grow. I hope yours does well!

    One has to be ready for those planting opportunities especially working full time. It seems prime planting conditions occur while I'm at work. I have to squeeze in those seeds whenever I can.

    I like having a plan.
    Last year was a wonderful year for the dame's rocket. It really brightened up the garden in a hurry.

    Gardening is a learning process always. I used to try to plant everything at once in May mostly before I realized I could get so much more of the cooler season crops by starting way earlier. I hope your second vegetable garden surprises you with wonderful produce. Thanks for coming by (via AGIP). Catherine's garden is wonderful.

    I so wish I could have been home today!!! I took a little time after work to check out the garden. Then, I threw open the patio door and we had supper with the fresh air.

    We had a very unseasonably warm day. It felt like spring!

    You have the best place to organize your seeds. Such a cute bothy as you and Edith call it. 8 months; although most of June, July and August are so hot it's often just survival. Good for those peppers though.

    You're my virtual neighbor! Come by anytime.


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