Monday, January 10, 2011

This Is Real Snow

We had a dusting at the beginning of December and a light layer at the end of December.
Today, we got real snow.  Snow that requires you to shovel a path.

I took these before 7 am today.  We may get more snow before nightfall.


  1. Depending on where you live, I guess this could be good or bad news! I 'think' you're in a colder climate that usually gets snow (?) but don't recall you saying where you are located. This winter has been strange, with areas notorious for snow getting very little. We're supposed to get a couple of inches tomorrow but this winter is NOTHING like last year when we got almost 4 feet! If you're looking forward to snow then I say 'bring it on' (I'm one of those who want it!). I prefer not to have it for a long period of time (if given the choice) and I like early springs...but when it's winter, I want the white stuff:-) If you don't want it feel free to send it my way! We always like a little excitement to help disperse the dull-drums of winter;-)

  2. Looks like you're getting your wish for some snow! Ours all melted over the New Year's weekend, but another storm is on its way tonight. At least here in the Midwest we're better prepared for it than those in the South; I do feel sorry for those places that aren't used to slick roads.

    Seeing your amaryllis photos on the last post reminded me that I was wondering where I put my amaryllis from last year. Found it sitting out in the freezing cold on my front porch. I don't think it will be blooming this year:)

  3. Good for you!! We had a little snow. .but so far nothing like yours! It has been snowing all day. .but is a very dry snow. I'm sure that it is really tantalizing the kids at school out the windows. .but all practices were cancelled, so they will be home right after school to play in it. .I'm sure, despite the COOOLD wind chill!! Let the laundry begin!

  4. Wow! That is really something. You need to come south to my blog and enjoy Florida. I shared pansies in our flower beds.


    Sheila :-)

  5. So many places are getting snow today. We were predicted a big snowstorm, but not they are saying we'll get wind and rain instead. I'd rather have snow.
    Looks like you've got quite a bit already there, stay warm!

  6. We got the same snow here in NE Kansas, and several inches more as the day progressed. Now the wind is picking up and expected to blow all night. Can you say BIG snowdrifts. Hmmmm...may not be able to go to work tomorrow. What a shame that would be. :)

  7. We got a 6-7" snow in southern middle TN which is highly unusual for us...I haven't seen that since the early 80's. Stop by my blog & see me. I found yours through Melanie's.

  8. ~Jan
    I love the snow too. If it is going to be cold, we might as well have snow to cover and protect the garden. You had a big snow year last year.

    Slick roads are not good and we're used to driving on snow. I was in Memphis once when it snowed. It melted when it hit the ground but everything was closing because they aren't used to snow.
    Sorry your amaryllis froze. Time to buy a new one!

    The snow was fluffly but has some moisture so I hope it will help everything as is has been so dry.

    I'm coming for a (warm) visit!

    It does seem like snow is the thing right now.

    Hope you got a snow day. Those are so nice. I was at work.

    Thanks for stopping by. It seems like you're getting more than usual this year. Enjoy it!


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