Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Tour January 2011

Front Garden



Back Garden

Side Garden




  1. Oh you have a very nice home and gardening areas...hope you feel better soon. No snow here of course, steady rain though.

  2. Add a bunch of mole tunnels (frozen into place) and then you have our yard! (Well, actually, we have not HINTS of snow left.) This is NOT my favorite season.

  3. Not sure what happened to my last post, but I can't wait to see what happens here in the spring! And I hope you are feeling much, much better soon!



  4. Hope you feel better soon:-) That's such a good idea to photograph each area of your yard on a regular basis. I haven't been doing that, although, now that I think of it, it's the first of the year & it's probably a good time to start! A great way to keep a record. Happy New Year to you and yours!

  5. Our yard looks about the same with the leftover snow. Everything looks neat and tidy in your yard. Won't it be nice when it's warm enough to garden again? Hope you feel better!

  6. Brrrr.....those pics look cold:) I love when everything is resting because when spring comes it's like opening a present up. Oh if my yard only looked so organized!:)

  7. Wishing you a fabulous weekend couped up inside drinking hot cocoa, snuggling with your honey, and watching the snow fly!! We need the moisture too. .and my kids are dying for a little bit of the cold stuff!! Be warm!!

  8. ~Darla
    Enjoy the rain.

    Not moles. I'm sorry. Do they migrate away for winter or hibernate?

    Do come back for the spring blooms!

    Thanks. I'm really enjoying watching the garden change each month.

    Thanks for visiting.

    It was/is cold. I like all the seasons so this is fine. I can really check out the "bones."

    Thanks for stopping by.

    Thanks. We have some things to do Saturday before the snow but then, we're hiberating. We're going to bring the snow shovels into the house because our front walk always drifts when we get the amount of snow being predicted. Currently, they're saying 8 inches here.

  9. I enjoyed the tour. There is lots of promise for new growth come spring. I love the tubs. Do you grow things in the garbage cans, too?


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