Tuesday, February 8, 2011

All Birds Are Snow Birds Today


  1. They are cute! That is fun that you can put videos on your blog. Stay warm!!

  2. Oh my that looks freezing!! Good thing you are offering food for the birds...

  3. Dear Sherlock Street, Oh, I feel chilly just watching your little film. How wonderful that the birds are braving the elements and what a fascinating performance they give. Take care and keep warm!

  4. I don't feed the birds in winter simply because I'm not home much to keep thier feeder full. But around this time of winter I start feeling sorry for the squirrels so I throw them treats out my window (snow is too deep to get to their tree.) One of these days I'm going to attemp a video on my blog.

  5. ~Amy
    Thanks. I'm finding the short videos to be fun!

    Those birds must have been hungry.

    ~Edith Hope
    Thank you for braving the cold to watch the birds.

    The birds find a lot to eat in the garden. Having the feeders gives us a good place to watch them.
    I keep my videos short. Blogger doesn't do well with the long ones I've tried.


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