Sunday, February 13, 2011

Color In Winter

The snow is melting at Garden on Sherlock Street.  In fact, today is so warm, we have the doors open to enjoy a breeze.  I ventured out to get a couple of photos of color in the winter garden.

The hens and chicks which grow in the side garden and by the air conditioner, turn a nice shade of purple during the winter.

Also, the red twig dogwood really shows off when there is snow.  I didn't venture out into the deep snow to take a photo because I didn't want to track up the back yard.  There is a little snow left so I got some of the contrast.

Enjoy the red color for Valentine's Day!


  1. Dear Sherlock Street, As the snow retreats, so signs oflfe are evident in your garden. How exciting. The Sempervivums and Cornus are such stalwarts of the winter garden and the contrast of their plummy shades against the snow is dramatic.

  2. Oh how I wish I could grow that red twig...! Spring is coming...

  3. I bet you are happy to see some of that snow melt away. I love the red twig dogwood, I keep wishing I had room for one here.

  4. Such welcome sights. We can't see the ground here now, but soon...

  5. So pretty that red for Valentines day! And yes, it shows up so well with a snowy white background...

  6. It's so nice to have those little signs of life to hang on to!! Enjoy the heat wave coming through over the next few days. .that should make some tulips peak!

  7. ~Edith Hope
    Thank you for visiting. Those plummy shades are some of my favorites. I wish I had more plants that color all year.

    ~Jeff Branch

    The red twig dogwood has really been good for me.

    This is a dwarf variety red twig dogwood. It hasn't gotten too crazy. Plus, I've had to trim out some of the larger branches because they lose their red color when they get bigger so it'll probably stay close to this size.

    Hope your snow melts!

    I wanted a photo of the red twigs sticking out of the snow but it was too cold. I didn't want to go out there that bad.

    I'm seeing crocus and daffodil buds!

  8. I also love seeing some red in winter. You really is eye catching. I've added myself to follow your updates.
    Goldenray Yorkies


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