Tuesday, February 8, 2011


The snow is deeper than when I took the video this morning, and it is still snowing.


  1. Sending some sunshine, (between rain) to your garden....

  2. Where's the video? :-)

    I bet you can hardly wait for this to all be done with. I know I'd be ready for spring, that's for sure.

    Hang in there.


  3. We're getting snow again, too.

  4. The weather man just said you were done with your snow. .we have a little yet to come. .but not much. I'll have very happy kids when they get out of bed in the morning!! Enjoy your snow and your birds!

  5. We have highs in the 30's ... that is cold here. :)

  6. I was seeing on the weather station just how you guys in Kansas are getting slammed. It's great see it all on your blog! Adds that personal touch I guess.

  7. Sorry you're getting more snow.. However, I do have an award waiting for you on my blog.. :)

  8. You must be so tired of winter! Hoping you get some warmer temps soon. I am so eager for some signs of Spring.

  9. ~Darla
    Thank you. The sunshine arrived this morning.

    I hope you found the video.
    I wish it wasn't so cold. I can take snow through February.

    I thought it was neat to read that you turned on your lights to watch the snow while you had supper.

    I hope you dug out ok.

    Hope your kids had fun in the snow.

    That would be a heat wave for us right now. We should be in the 40s by the weekend. It will melt.

    I saw the award post on your site. Thank you. That was very nice.

    Tired of the cold for sure.


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