Friday, February 25, 2011

Defining The Paths

Now that there is no lawn in the back garden, I find myself needing to define paths.  Our new beds are framed with broken concrete pieces making those areas obvious, but I have other plants I need to protect. 

Last year, I purchased a handful of decorative edging.  These three did a great job of protecting the plumbago and marking where the path is around the locust tree. 

I wanted to extend the line a little farther to protect more of the area around the locust tree.

I took photos of all the decorative edging I own and when we ventured into the big city last weekend, we stopped at the store where I purchased the edging last year.  The store did not have the style that I currently have around the locust tree but it did have another style I own.  I purchased two of these last year. 

The store had five when we stopped.  They all came home with me and now are around one side of the locust tree.

I used a stick laying by the locust tree to help space them evenly.

This was done Wednesday afternoon when it was nice and warm outside.
Winter has returned to GonSS.  Thursday we had sleet, freezing rain and snow.  Possibly more this weekend.


  1. Very pretty edging. It looks most sturdy and inviting. Glad the store had some for you. We too have winter back but with severe wind last night. What amess! No electricity, limbs and trees down everywhere. Scary.

  2. Good Morning, Oh ---I love your decorative edging... Those are gorgeous and you have done a great job placing them at the right places. I have never seen them around here. We use those huge paving stones in our yard.

    Have a great weekend.

  3. The edging looks good! I like the iron look in the garden for things like edging, trellises, and lighting (torches and such).

  4. I like that edging..please come back and read my first new paragraph on my FF post, just added, this involves you!

  5. Those are REALLY attractive! (Did I overlook the material they're made of?)

  6. ~tina
    I hope the weather is calming down for you.

    I found these at Hobby Lobby. I like that they're decorative and look old style.

    Iron seems to make a garden look like it's been there a little while. Established.

    Thanks for the info.

    I'm sorry. I forgot to mention they are cast iron. They're quite heavy. I know they'll rust a little but I hope they'll last a long time.

  7. I've never seen those at Hobby Lobby. .I will have to look and see. .unless you bought the last ones they had :-)


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