Monday, February 21, 2011

Dreaming Of Containers

I plant a lot of containers at Garden on Sherlock Street.  I always think I won't add to the list and that I may even remove containers from the list, but that never happens.  It seems for every container that breaks or is given away (with plants) to someone, another one finds its way to GonSS.  I really like having containers sitting on the patio and along the sidewalks.  Those plants do so much to 'soften' the hardscapes.

Below is a list of what I consider my large outdoor containers and hanging baskets.  I also tend to have a number of plants in smaller containers that also find a home outside during the summer.  And, then there are the houseplants.

The list is fairly self explanatory.  Each container is listed by material, shape, size or some other descriptive term.  Containers that have 'mates' exactly the same, get a symbol of some kind to mark that they are a set such as with the @ symbol on the tree pots.  I usually plant matching containers with the same plants.  Usually.

I have reviewed the plants overwintering in the family room and checked my seeds to see what I already have on hand that will need a container this summer.  Then, I dreamed about what I wanted to fill out the containers.  Those plants are highlighted in yellow.  I'll need to purchase those plants (and the fish).

The photo I took of this list last year showed a lot of changes by the time I planted the containers.  Don't be surprised if this changes.  A few are a given.  I've already ordered the gooseneck loose strife and elephant ears.  I know I will plant purple fountain grass.  I usually purchase just one container of it and divide it up.  We'll see if I get enough for three containers.  Then, there will likely be something that looks good at the greenhouse which I haven't even thought of yet! 

What fun to dream of beautiful containers with foliage spilling onto the patio.

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  1. I was doing my planning today and it included a bunch of purple fountain grass in containers. Even though they are annuals I can't get enough of them in summer and this year I want to do it in bulk.

  2. I like to dream up new container combos. However, what I am dreaming sometimes doesn't match to what will actually survive our hot, hot summers. I am looking forward to seeing what you dream up.
    Strawberry pot....I think succulents would pretty. :)

  3. You are really really organized. I wished I did pots better but I don't, though this year I plan to give it a try. I just hate the watering thingy.

  4. This is a little sad to say, I a little tired of checking containers for watering needs already and it's still Feb...We have been clost to 80 in the afternoons for a week or more and no rainfall in over two's 67 at 5:22 a.m.....I typed all that to type this...I need larger containers with some moisture control soil mixed in....and I love grasses in containers, I have two so far...

  5. I don't do containers well either. .I always plant some. .but they are never looking like the ones in better homes and gardens!! I just don't get them enough water I guess. .and no good plan to change that. .so I settle on mediocre ;-)Great plans on your part though!! And so far the purple fountain grass is still alive in my greenhouse. .I divided it into 3 pots Sunday afternoon. .so we'll see how it tolerates the change.

  6. I am jinxed when it comes to growing plants in pots! I would give anything to have some containers sitting around the front entrance and patio to the new house. I know you are enjoying plans for a new season. Have fun.

  7. I try to have my container plants the ones I can bring indoors to over-winter and that's about it. You do look so organized!

  8. ~ONG
    Purple fountain grass makes such a great display. I like thex idea of really focusing on it. Can't wait to see your photos this summer.

    I need to make some succulent containers. You have such great combinations of them.

    The watering thingy is a pain some days but I really like having them to soften all the concrete.

    I suppose if I had to worry about watering them already, I'd be less likely to plant so many. The larger containers really do better holding moisture. Think big!

    I hope you get a lot of purple fountain grass for this year.

    There has to be a plant that you can do well with. Don't give up trying. Then, stick with what works.

    That's a good idea. I do that with my geraniums a lot. I like having some bigger containers though and I'm not dragging those in each year.


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