Sunday, February 6, 2011

Febrrrrrruary Tour

The February Tour is ready!  You can find all of the monthly tours under 'Pages' in the right hand column.  For February's tour, please go back one post.

Not much has changed in the garden since January except for the snow piles.  You'll also see a little pile of branches in the alley waiting for us to take them to the city tree disposal.  We pruned trees a week ago.  Then, we had an Arctic blast taking us below zero Fahrenheit.  This weekend, we were up to 50 degree weather again.  Snow predicted for us Tuesday.

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  1. Actually I love seeing the bare bones of gardens...

  2. Those snow days are becoming irritating aren't they. .I'd be really glad if it would bring some snow to our place. .more than a dusting. Be safe.

  3. ~Darla
    I do too. Good bones make good gardens.

    It's snowing right now (and blowing). I'd like a little bit to stick around and soak in.


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