Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Freezer Burn And Promises

I was surprised at how well the lettuce in the cold frame was doing the day we pruned the trees.  However, the recent Artic blasts have taken a toll.  Hopefully, the plants will recover and grow new leaves.

In other news, promises of fresh vegetables and beautiful flowers arrived in the mail Saturday.


  1. Yeah for the lettuce and double yeah for the seeds. We are covered with snow here so it is nice to think of spring!

  2. ~tina
    It's starting to look indestructable. We have snow now too!

  3. I'll be eager to see how the bells of Ireland start from seed. My mother in law has some in garden, and seeing you try that seed provokes me to try to transplant some of hers this spring. .it has some lovely characteristics to it. .namely the unusual green color! Be warm today!


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