Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Look Familiar?

The very first post on this blog showed yellow crocus blooming.  Well, the crocus are at least one week earlier this year than last year.


  1. That's one thing I love about blogging, the record keeping! When I look back at my old gardening journals, I just laugh.Blogging makes it so much easier now.
    Such pretty and delicate crocus!
    Mine won't open for a while yet.

  2. To echo Rosey's comments, one of the greatest thrills of writing a garden blog is to record all of your thoughts and photos and have them time stamped. Love the crocus!

  3. Mine are four days earlier this year than last. Seems they came on fast after the cold left. Coming up on one year are we? A big deal the one year blogiversary!

  4. They are so pretty - what a welcome sight!

  5. Wait?!! Is this your blogoversy thingy bobber? We started blogging around the same time...mine is coming up on the 15th. One. Congrats. Two. I love garden records!!! Three. I've enjoyed reading your blog and getting "to know" you over the course of this year. I look back at my former writes and think....oh boy, I need to focus more on the topic. The best part is that we keep evolving into something better.....congrats on your first year!!

  6. Oh, I love the yellow crocus! It reminds me that spring really is around the corner!

  7. Yay for crocus! Mine aren't up yet in south central Virginia, but the forsythia buds are swelling and look like they will bloom soon.

  8. Sure looks like Spring maybe headed your way!!

  9. You have an important Blog date coming up next week! Isn’t blogging a wonderful way to learn, document and meet other gardeners? Crocus are a sure sign of Spring to come…

  10. YAY!! The crocus are beautiful!! And will look so lovely against that snow that you are supposed to be getting today!

  11. Nice! They've just started blooming here too - I actually saw some daffodils blooming down an old country road a few hours ago, everything seems early!

  12. ~Phillip

    I agree. I never took as many photos before. Now, it is so easy to see how something did.

    Blogging is the best. I use my own tags all the time to check on what I did.


    It's amazing that it has almost been a year!

    A sign of spring for sure.

    We did start blogging close to the same time. Isn't this just the best way to "catalog" your garden? Thanks for visiting GonSS so often. March 4th is the day I started.

    That's how I'm feeling too even if the crocus are under some ice and snow this morning.

    Forsythia are so pretty. I thought I might bring in some branches this year.

    I hope so.

    Garden blogging is so fun. I've had a great year. It'll be interesting having last year's journal to compare to.

    They are buried in ice and snow this morning. I planted more last fall so there will be plenty I'm sure. These were the early ones.

    My daffodils are just sprouting. I think our latest snow events have kept them down a little more. These early crocus are off the patio where they stay warmer.

  13. Happy First Blogbirthday to you, and how nice to have some cheerful yellow crocus to celebrate.


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