Thursday, February 17, 2011

Putting The Puzzle Together

We have two raised vegetable beds built with concrete blocks.

I have "maps" of each bed pretty close to scale on graph paper. I make photo copies of the original drawings to use each season. The scanned images below are this year's "proposed" vegetable planting plan. I know the scans are not great because I wrote on the "maps" in pencil, but I think you get the idea.  This could change. The garlic was planted last fall so that is decided. And, I'm positive I want the tomatoes where I've listed them. Anything else could change. I drew in the two cold frames (the rectangles), the foldable cages (the squares) and the "tornado" cages (the circles). Otherwise, I simply wrote in the general plant names for the different areas. I will modify the map as I actually plant everything and add notes about varieties, etc.

I'm sure you're thinking some of these plants are too close to each other. I've had good luck planting large plants close together such as the squash plants and the peppers. What I have to watch closely is that the smaller plants like carrots and kohlrabis don't get shaded or buried.

Hopefully, everything will fit!

In addition to the two raised vegetable beds, we will have edibles in some other areas.

The strawberries will share the berm with pea, watermelon and basil plants.

A new bed which we plan to build in the space where we mulched out a large amount of the lawn in the back garden last year will be home for pumpkin, mesclun, spinach and radish plants.

I'm also going to try growing rosemary in a container so it will be easy to bring indoors next fall.


  1. You are so organized! Looks good...rosemary will do just fine in a container....the only thing that I know will kill it is too much water..been there, done that...

  2. I like your drawings and it looks like you'll have some lovely beds this spring/summer. Looking forward to pictures.


  3. Dear Sherlock Street, How very scientific you are with your vegetable planning. You do seem to have a great variety of produce planned for a small space but I am sure that you will have success with such careful thought.

    Rosemary in a pot is a wonderful idea. I have seen them grown very successfully in this way andit does stop them getting very sprawly and leggy.

  4. Very well done. I'm thinking this planning thing might be the way to go. It will be fun to see how your vegetable plans work out.

  5. I have a list of what I'm planting. .but no idea where it will go until I am ready to do it. I read somewhere that tilling the soil in the garden is not a good thing to I am going to try planting without tilling last years plants under. It will be an experiment too! That's the fun part of gardening!

  6. I admire your organization. You have made me hungry talking about all these wonderful plants. Hurry up Spring!

    Enjoy the weekend.

  7. I'm so glad you posted the drawings as they are most helpful and look perfect. I like it that we both have odd shaped gardens. A puzzle indeed and you have a lot of great vegetables you'll be growing this summer. Kohlrabi is something I wish I would try one of these days-and be successful.

  8. You grow quite an assortment of different veggies/fruit. You have experience on your side.You know what and how to be successful at growing. Did you grow watermelons last year? I am going to grow tomatoes and I might venture out with something else. Have a good weekend!

  9. I admire your organization. I try to keep records but I often forget.

  10. You're so organized! It will look great too...

  11. ~Darla
    I think I'll plant my rosemary in a clay pot. They seem to dry out a little faster. Hopefully that will keep me from overwatering it.

    There will be photos. Right now I'm just dreaming of big beautiful plants.

    ~Edith Hope
    I've learned each year. I just started making notes of what worked and what I wanted again and now it's easier.
    I'm really hoping for a strong rosemary plant. I've started cooking with rosemary more than I used to and I think the plants are pretty.

    Thanks. As I told Edith, I just started keeping notes each year and it helps a lot!

    My parents can plant that way because they have a lot of space. I have to think about it a little or I end up with all my spring stuff in one spot and all the vines tangled together in another. I'm going to try as little tilling as possible this year. We'll have to see how it goes.

    I'm so ready for fresh lettuce. Hurry spring indeed.

    My garden is the shape it is because that's the space I had. Who says it has to be a rectangle. I hope you try kohlrabi. We really like it. I got some purple seeds this year!

    I did not grow watermelons last year. My parents did. I saved some seeds from a melon they shared with us. I hope you get a great tomato harvest.

    Missing out on good produce prompted me to write it down. It does make the planning easier.

    Thanks. I hope it all grow.

  12. So did you rosemary survive the winter? I had two plants and I managed to kill one of them with kindness.


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