Saturday, February 26, 2011

See...Winter Again

In addition to the sleet, freezing rain and snow Thursday, it snowed lightly Friday and we were treated to freezing fog this morning.  Everything is glazed or frosted.


  1. No snow here. .just freezing fog. .which is really pretty. It was a great morning to make cinnamon rolls. .and the family is back to singing my praises :-)

  2. I'm thinking that this is good for mother earth & we sort of just have to deal with it. The spring will be beautiful. Can't wait.

  3. It's been so cold here the last week and it's snowing again. I can't wait for it to warm up and melt. It always looks so much prettier in someone elses garden :)
    Did you see that your posts are being copied on the same "blog" that mine and many others have been? I saw your water mark on the pictures. Not sure what there is to do about it other than put a link back to your blog on all of your posts.

  4. Snow snow snow!!!! Here's it's frost frost frost!!! When will spring arrive?

  5. ~Melanie
    Cinnamon rolls on a foggy day sound awesome.

    I take moisture any way I can get it.

    I'm ok with the snow until I actually start planting.
    I hope Blogger does something about that site. I did file a complaint.

    Well, we got warmer today.

    I know. Still winter here.

    ~Becca's Dirt
    It's teasing us.


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