Friday, March 18, 2011

At Least A Few Survived

Last fall, I dug up the patch of Siberian Squill that bloomed so beautifully last spring.  I marked the location knowing there would be no sign of the plants by fall.  I spread the tiny little bulbs around the locust tree in the back garden.  Well, a few flowers are emerging!  At least I didn't kill all of them.  I hope the rest show up soon.


  1. I hope so too. They are such a pretty shade of blue!

  2. What a pretty flower. That is great that they came back. At least some of them.

  3. Fingers are crossed here for more to show up in your garden.

  4. Hopefully they will come up. Have a lovely spring weekend.

  5. Oh my, I so hope so too! I was walking around in my yard this morning and I think most of the ones that I thought would not make it, just may! The ones in my pots, did struggle but came out in a big way!

    Have a great weekend.


  6. They are cute little things!! Things are coming up here by leaps and bounds now. I even scouted some peony making their way through the earth. .and have two hyacinth blooming. .mmmmm! It's so nice to enjoy the new signs of life!!

  7. ~tina
    I found some more poking out of the mulch when I came home today.

    I think more are coming!

    Keep 'em crossed.

    ~Becca's Dirt

    Sounds like you're seeing spring at your place too.

    Ooooh. I haven't check my peonies yet.

  8. Those are beauties! I keep forgetting to find some. I get my bulbs locally, and by the time I go to get some, that kind is not around.

    I'm glad to read in your comments that more are coming up.


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