Thursday, March 17, 2011

Don't Tread On Me

As the mail deliverer leaves our front door, he/she (we seem to have three or four different people who alternate on our route) walks across the lawn and through the end of the mulch area by the street sidewalk.  Last year, I transplanted some irises to this area.  I would like them to survive.  Thrive even.  Bloom, hopefully, this first year.  I knew I needed to take action to protect the irises. 

It may not seem like much of a deterent, but has worked in the past so I'm trying it again.

After my wonderful husband saw my efforts, he said something about investing in a front fence... :-)


  1. Until you get your fence why don't you make a cute little painted sign to put in the iris bed?

  2. I vote for fence! I also voted on your sidebar....

    We once lived on a corner lot and they are the worst for people cutting through the yard. It was a rental property so nothing we could do to stop the pathway. I vowed to never own a corner lot...

  3. I hope you get the fence - it would be lovely! Can't wait to see your pretty irises.

  4. My mail carrier does the same thing. I don't have any plants in that area that I need to protect, but by midsummer there's a rather obvious and annoying diagonal path of flattened grass across the front lawn.

    I've often hafheartedly considered installing a deer deterrent - one of those motion-sensor-controlled things that shoots out a jet of water. I'm thinking that after a few wet knees (or should I aim higher?) the mail carrier might consider using my front walk.

  5. Now, that's one way to stop him from doing that. I'm glad it works, and I hope you get your fence.

    Dropping by to wish you a Happy St. Patrick's Day. I'm hoping to be back to more regular blogging soon. I have workmen lined up, and they demand a lot of time. So once I get through that, I'm planning to be more regular. I miss all of you!


    Sheila :-)

  6. A sign that says "Don't walk in the Gardens" or perhaps "Snakes in the Gardens". Anyway I'd do something.

  7. Your plan is working, and that's good--but the fence sounds perfect;-) Hope your iris' come up and bloom for you this year!

  8. I vote for fence :) Our mail carriers haven't gone door to door around here ever. We walk down the street to a bank of locked mailboxes to get our mail.

  9. That looks like a plan!

    I wonder if I could grow irises?
    I live in South Texas-

    White Spray Paint

  10. ~Heather
    Me too.

    That's an idea. I'm hoping once the leaves get big and can be seen I'll be safe but we'll see.

    We need to investigate the fence costs and see when we can do that. I'm sure a corner lot is hard. I would definetly want a fence on a corner.

    It will make the blog when it happens.

    ~Cherry Lane
    I also park large containers along the front walk way and move them periodically to force the mail man to at least start his path across the lawn from a different spot. It keeps him from killing the grass right by the sidewalk anyway. The water "gun" would be funny.

    Hope you're getting a lot done!

    ~Becca's Dirt
    I am open to options.

    I think I'll always have the mail deliveries to the door which is nice so a fence will be in the future before planting go where the grass is now.

    I'm not sure about irises that far south. I think they need a season of cold.

  11. I have another idea. Hang some spinners or other light decorations of some kind on your string. I am all for taking action to protect my plants.


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