Friday, March 18, 2011

First Daffodil

March is being kinda fickle on letting spring come to Garden on Sherlock Street.  We get a couple really nice days.  Then, we get a couple cool days.  Then, we get a couple days that look warm, but have a cold wind.  Sigh.  The daffodils don't care though.  Here's the first blooming daffodil at GonSS.


  1. Yeah for the daffys! More will follow now and quickly too.

  2. I love the first daffodil, it's really spring then!

  3. Our weather is much the same - quite a variety. Daffodils always make me smile! Have a great Saturday.

  4. This is a good start! Look at all those green leaves in the back right!

  5. I have a few daffodils bloomed. I love driving around and seeing them out in a field where you know an old home place use to be. They are so pretty.

  6. Daffs always make me think of spring. Unfortunately, they don't grow down here, so I will enjoy them through online gardens such as yours.

    May you have warmer days soon.

    Happy Gardening ~ Happy Spring,


  7. they are always a definite sign that spring has arrived~
    have a great weekend!

  8. Yeah! Well I am excited for you. Mine are just now growing well. That daffodil knew it was spring and what a way to bring it in.

  9. Not a single daffodil is open here - still rainy and too cool, but there are lots just waiting for a warm day, and then they'll pop.
    I'm off, now, to find out just where the Sunflower State might be.

  10. But in our daffodils have bloomed, and since yesterday, is white. Snow fell. Yours

  11. Yea for that beautiful daffodil! I see (perhaps?) a huge stand of magic/surprise lilies in the background! :-) I see you recently celebrated one year of blogging. Continue - and "Happy Spring!"

  12. After reading your post, I thought maybe you had moved to my town. That describes our weather to a T. I have this week off, and it looks like there are only going to be a couple days in the lower 70s, then they are only supposed to be in the lower 50s, with wind and rain.

    I don't have any daffs blooming yet, but will in a week or so. Yours sure are a welcome sight!

    I subscribe to comments unless it's a meme that has a lot of participation. I usually skim them when they come. If I'm in a hurry, and there are a lot of them, I don't read them all. Also, if I asked a question, I may unsubscribe once my question is answered.

  13. GSS, we finally have some daffodils, but the rain continues to come; fog this morning and 45; still looking for 60... hopefully, it will come soon.

  14. ~tina
    I'm seeing more buds but still just one flower.

    Thanks for visiting.


    There's more stuff coming.

    It is nice to be reminded of those former homes. I see places like that too.

    To get daffodils, you have to get cold first. Hope you had a great birthday.


    ~Hocking Hills Gardener
    Yea for spring.

    Hope you had fun searching.

    Thanks for visiting.

    You did good.

    ~Shady Gardener
    You have a good eye. Those are surprise lily leaves. Thanks for always stopping by.

    ~Corner Gardener Sue
    Crazy March weather. Thanks for the comment on comments. I've learned so much about communicating post Post!

    Wish I could have shared some of today's sunshine. It was actually a little too much after being so cool.

  15. I just found the first daffodil fully opened here. We are getting further and further behind here. March has been cold and wet so far. Maybe some spring weather is around the corner for all of us.


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