Monday, March 28, 2011

I Thought It Was Spring

This was the garden Sunday afternoon.
It melted a lot today but more snow is forecast for us tonight and tomorrow.  It is a very wet snow so I'm good with it.
Looking forward to much warmer weather by Saturday.


  1. Feel your pain, while we don't have snow, the temps have been in the 30's. Spring will come some time, right?

  2. That doesn't seem right to have to still be getting snow. I hope this will finally be the last of it so you can work on your projects.

  3. Ugh!!! Yes...the wet snow is better, but it's time for it to be done...just rain now:) Your place is probably ready to get those plants outside for spring!

  4. It's very cold here, but we haven't had snow lately. I don't remember ever having such a cold March. I can't even clean my gardens, the leaves are frozen to the ground.

  5. Yikes! Here's to warmer weather for you.

  6. I'm getting so discouraged here with frigid temps and lack of any green shoots or open buds... but snow is just too much to bear, too much. ack.

  7. Wow, I'm glad we're done with the snow (fingers crossed). I'm sorry it dropped on you!

  8. I know how you feel. We had weeks of warm weather (even in the 80s), now it is wet and really cold.

  9. No snow here. .just cold drizzle!! Maybe spring will be here to stay this weekend!! We can dream!

  10. We must be in the same storm direction. We are to get snow tomorrow night. I went out today and checked around and posted on my blog my first winter sowed sprouts. I guess we post what we have. :) Sure hope this is the last of it.
    Goldenray Yorkies

  11. We had a little light snow cover again this morning... but it was gone by early afternoon. You are right - it's a good, wet snow that will be appreciated. :-) Spring is coming!!

  12. Glad to hear that it has melted now. Hope you get to work in the garden. What can be more exciting that gardening in spring!!!

  13. THAT is not spring! I thought it was slow getting here...but it will come, right?! Hang in there:)
    Your words of support for my *mess* have encouraged me so much...thank you for sharing your heart with me!

  14. We've been unseasonably warm here in Wiltshire for a week, no doubt we'll be plunged back into freezy-ness soon! I too am resolved to purchase only galvanized watering cans in future, having managed to get through a collection of plastic ones over the years. I'm sure a couple of decent ones will last longer than I will! Kathy

  15. Oh no!

    Thanks for the comment about that thieving blog. I actually discovered that it was gone a few days ago. I didn't know they had moved to another site ? I really hope it is gone forever.

  16. We've had snow in the forecast several times since the last weekend, but so far it's missed us completely, thank goodness. I hope the warmer weather comes to your neighborhood soon!

  17. Yikes! Keep your snow in your garden and out of mine please LOL... The first watering can you have pictured below is the one I favor! I have had mine for 11 years and it is still going strong. My dad had the second one you show and hated it as it would over spill when watering. I found one like mine at Dollar General Store and picked it up for him. He loves it! I may just get me a second one for back up once my current one croaks.

    Good job on your sprouted seeds and I noticed a bud on my moms Christmas cactus also!

  18. ~ONG
    We're getting little spring this weekend.

    Well, we've had snow in April before so one never knows.

    I don't put plants from in the house outside until May. It's safer as one never knows here.

    I hear a lot of gardens are waiting to be cleaned for spring. Some are still buried in the northeast. I hope you thaw out soon.

    I know.

    ~Heather at Dusty Bay
    It will pass.


    I'm hoping I remember these days when we hit 100 degrees this summer.

    I think it's worse when it's nice for a while and then you retreat to cold.

    Well, I hope you get some moisture.

    It's nice to see some green sprouts in those containers when it's snowy.

    ~Shady Gardener
    I always appreciate moisture.

    ~Chandramouli S
    Hello. Good to see you again.

    I'm hanging!

    That's what I'm hoping with a galvinized can. I think the investment will be worth it. I'm eyeing a few.

    Keep up the good fight on the thieving blogs!


    That first watering can is my favorite configuration but I need a sprinkler. Tell your father he's not alone in his frustration with that can. I keep it for the sprinkler but can't fill it as I should be able to.


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